The articles below were included in a league newsletter during the pen-and-paper era of Brassball.Thanks to Brian Budzyn's sizeable library of historic league documents, we will be able to periodically reprint a few of the articles.  They are reproduced here in as close to their original format as possible. Hope you enjoy them!

Newly Added - League Newsletters (PDF format)

The Outlaw

"If only pitching didn’t count for as much as Yogi Berra says it does…"

Brian Budzyn July, 1995
New Teams
"Youngsters Pokey Reese, Dmitiri Young and Yamil Benitez give Florida some hope for the future"
League Newsletter October, 1997

Ocelot Bulletin

"There will be no little Mudcat mascots running around in the future"

Corey Weisser June, 1998
Bo Jackson Retires
"It is amazing the things he can still do
with an artificial hip"
Lenny Luchtefeld October, 1995

Yellow Jacket Buzzin's
"Aguilera has made his displeasure
known in the clubhouse" 
Tony Galietta July, 1998

BRASSball Draft, Or What I Did
On My Winter Vacation

"Vaughn was able to breathe easier.  So now we knew the first 5 picks of the draft."

Tom Taormina April, 1995
1998 All Star Game
"Maddux and Johnson and both cruised through their three inning stints"
Tom Hughes September, 1998

1998 Draft Review
"Round One saw the Ocala Ocelots do
some serious cherry-picking." 
Kevin Kolb April, 1998