Ocelot Bulletin

June, 1998 

Volume II, Issue 3 

Team Notes 

The Oceltos are well into another losing season.  They currently have a 19-34 record which could be a lot worse.  Considering the team batting average is not much more than the Mendoza Line, 19 wins is not a bad number.  The improved pitching staff has kept the team in many games, unlike last year's debacle.  There is no telling how many losses would occur if this team had last year's pitching to go along with the little offense the team possesses this year.  My early prediction of 100+ homers this season for the team was just a bit aggressive.  If the team hits 80 dingers, I will be surprised.  All in all, this is one of the most pathetic offensive teams ever assembled on one field.  Oh yeah, the team can hit doubles, but not much else.  Many of these doubles result from players swinging for the fences.  If I could let the pitchers hit, I would.  They can't do any worse.  Not one player is hitting over .300, let along .290.  That's correct, no one.  All I can say is, JD Drew, where are you?  Mike Hampton and Carlos Perez are performing as expected; even though their win total does not represent it. 

Will this team ever succeed?  Possibly, but probably not next year.  With Jose Cruz and Paul Konerko plailing, looking towards next year may be a bit too optimistic.  Granted, the pitching staff is looking good for next year.  Hampton, Perez and Brett Tomko will keep the team in mahy a ball game next year.  The question is, will there be offense?  Helton will be an improvement at first.  Cora will be a year older, not necessarily better.  Renteria's defense can only get worse.  No thirdbaseman is currently signed for next year, but we can'd do any worse than Scott Brosius.  An outfield of Tucker, Steward and Derek Bell will definitely be better thant the one from this year.  And Json Kendall will be back.  All in all, the offense will be improved, but the difference will not be that noticeable.  If Cruz, Newfield or Eduardo Perez could get on track, things could be different, but I doubt that is going to happen.  JD Drew, where are you? 

Roster Report 

Last month I said I would be happy to see scott Brosius.  After watching him play about 5 games, I have decided to try out for the team as the thirdbaseman.  I can swing and miss repeatedly like he does.  I also can boot a routine grounder as well as Terry Pendleton.  Sign me up, Puck, I can be the hot corner.  Speaking of Kirby, he is lucky he can only see out of one eye as bad as this team is hitting.  Heck, he might as well go hit, he can't do no worse than a majority of the team.  Not all is bad, Joey Cora and Michael Tucker both played well in May.  Too bad the rest of the team was on a cruise to nowhere. 

Odds and Ends 

Chuck Carr, infamous for his off-the-field altercations, has no brought his act to the ballpark.  During the last game of the Ocelot-Mudcat series, the Mudcat mascot delivered a crude joke about Carr when Chuck was coming off the field.  Not only did Carr take offense to this, but he insured there will be no little Mudcat mascots running around in the future.  This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.  J