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Note From the League Director:

Mike will be updating the Draft Forum with the latest time slots (we removed the time slots for the picks that did not exist). Upon completion, Mike will email the league informing us that the Draft Forum is set to go.  At that point, we may begin the draft early.  However, no one is officially on the clock until February 29.

Please review the League Constitution (see below) for draft protocol/etiquette prior to the Annual Draft.  There will likely be teams that miss their scheduled time slot and will have to make it up in the middle of another pick.  It's going to happen -- it's ok.  Someone will also likely draft a player previously picked, or already protected.  Once someone discovers this, please send an email to the league so that person can re-pick when they return online.  They may miss a few picks after their error before re-selecting a new player -- it's ok -- that's how the draft will work.  If you select a player already protected and need to re-select later, any players picked between your error and the time of your re-selection are unavailable.  Those players are the property of the team that selected them in their scheduled time slot.

This is our first attempt at using a time slotted draft.  I would appreciate everyone's cooperation.  There will be some errors guaranteed.  Let's be courteous and help one another when we can.

Thank you.
Brian Budzyn
BRASSball League Director

Annual Draft Excerpt from Constitution:

For reference, here is the League Constitution's section on the Annual Draft.  Please pay particular attention to Section G which was added this off-season for the new time slotted draft process.


A. The Draft is held on the FIRST Saturday in March at 11AM, Eastern Time, if conducted in an Internet chat room format.

B. The Draft will last for a number of rounds sufficient to satisfy all owners OR until each owner has 40 carded players and 7 amateurs in his organization, whichever occurs first.  With regards to amateur status, a player is considered carded, and relinquishes amateur status, if they have entered a major league game during their career.

C. Any carded player not on the 30-man protected list of one of the 24 teams at draft time is eligible to be selected.  A player is considered carded if he received a regular, additional or computer card in any previously completed MLB season.  More specifically, any player that has, in any MLB season, appeared in a MLB game shall be considered carded, and can be drafted if they are not on the protected list of one of the 24 teams.

D. At the end of the draft, teams are limited to owning 7 players who have never been carded by the game company.  In other words, if a player has never appeared in a MLB game, in any season, they are considered an amateur.  (These 7 amateurs do NOT count against a team's 40 man roster.)   That number can increase through trades made after the draft.

E. The Draft is conducted via the Internet (normally in a chat room, over email, an Internet blog, an Internet bulletin board, or other electronic method in which participants can post their selection publicly), unless otherwise designated by the LD.

F. You should be prepared to make your selection when your turn comes.  The Draft will move slowly for everyone if you are not prepared.

G. Beginning with the 2008 Annual Draft, the draft shall be conducted using a Time-Slotted Draft method during the week centered around the scheduled Annual Draft day (the first Saturday in March).  The actual implementation of the Time-Slotted Draft shall be agreed upon by the League Director and the Draft Conductor.  The Draft Conductor shall communicate this process to the league members in a timely manner prior to the Draft.

1. A 20-minute timeslot shall be allocated for each of the draft selections.
2. The 20-minute timeslots shall be scheduled according to a pre-determined matrix, similar to the example in Table 1 Draft Schedule Template.  The draft matrix was designed to [a] kick-off the draft on the Friday evening preceding the Annual Draft Day (or earlier if teams are ready to select), [b] maximize the number of picks on weekends, [c] end early on Sunday night, [d] start at 5PM on week days, and [e] extend later on Friday evenings.
3. Each participant shall have a 20-minute time window to make their selection.  If a league member is unable to participate at the pre-scheduled time, he may provide a draft list to the Draft Conductor to make the selection on his behalf.
4. Participants who do not make their selection in the allotted time may make-up their selection at any time during the subsequent selections.
5. If the 20-minute time window has expired without the participant making a selection, the next participant may make their selection after providing a 5-minute grace period beyond the initial 20-minute window.  The 5-minute grace period after the 20-minute window shall be observed to accommodate any delays in electronic communication posting.
6. A participant may only make their selection earlier than the allotted time if ALL prior selections have been made.
7. If ALL prior selections have been made earlier than the allotted times, the team "on-the-clock" may select at any time thereafter, but is not required to select until the end of their pre-defined time slot.
8. If any prior selection has not been made, the team "on-the-clock" shall NOT be allowed to make their selection earlier than the beginning of their time slot (plus the 5-minute grace period). This allows teams that have missed their time slot earlier in the day to make-up their selection and not slip too far down the draft board. Example: Team-A misses it's pick at 5PM; Team-B waits until 5:25PM (5:20 + 0:05) to make it's selection; and although Team-C is prepared to make it's selection at 5:26PM, it must wait for 5:45PM (5:40 + 0:05) to allow Team-A the opportunity to make-up its selection before Team-C is allowed to select.

H. (Ignore if the draft is held via the Internet.) If the draft is conducted by telephone as it was in the past, the Draft Conductor will phone you when it is your pick.  He will let the phone ring once and hang up. He will then await your return call. You will be telephoned once, if you do not respond you will be telephoned again to be sure that he dialed correctly. If you again do not respond you will lose the pick.  You can select that pick after the entire Draft has been completed.

I. (Ignore if the draft is held via the Internet.)  Be prepared to make a call to update another league member if asked. Update calls by the league members significantly hasten The Draft's conclusion by ensuring that there are fewer names to be read off during each call by the Draft Conductor. Update calls should include not only the names of the players who were drafted, but their new BRASSball teams as well.

J. Draft order for the first 14 picks in each round will be in inverse order of the regular season winning percentages of the non-Playoff teams. The bottom ten picks in each round will belong to the ten teams who qualified for post season play, regardless of their winning percentages as compared to the non-qualifiers. The 24th pick will belong to the World Series champ, the 23rd pick to the World Series runner-up, the 22nd pick to the League Championship Series runner-up with the better record, the 21st pick to the League Championship Series runner-up with the worst record. Picks #15-20 go to the teams who were eliminated in the first round of the Playoffs. Picks #15 and #16 go to the first round wildcard losers, in inverse relation to their regular season winning percentage.  After that Picks #17-20 are ordered in inverse order of these playoff team's regular season winning percentages.

K. Tie breakers for all selections will be best on-time mailing record first, regular season series second, division record third (if in same division), record within the teams league fourth (if in same league), and a coin flip fifth. In each tie case, the winner of the tiebreaker selects ahead of the loser in alternate rounds starting with Round 1. The intent of the draft is to place non-playoff teams in inverse order of their record. Thus, a team that ties another team and won the regular season series 5-2, does not "win" the tie breaker as the team that only won twice is judged to be the worst of the two teams.

L. The Draft contains a Bonus Round after Round Three for teams whose owners maintained perfect on-time mailing records throughout the previous league year. Picks in this round are in the inverse order of the previous seasons winning percentage.  New league members must demonstrate a full season of perfect on-time mailings to be eligible.

M. Each team may protect up to 30-carded players in their organization during the Draft.

N. Players who still have amateur status do not have to be protected. HOWEVER, amateurs may not be released DURING the draft.  Refer to the Off-Season Mailing Deadlines (XXIX) section for the exact date. Any BRASSball team that fails to cut their amateurs by this date will be forced to retain them through the draft.

O. A list of your 30 protected players is due to the League Director and the Draft Conductor by midnight of the deadline date. Refer to the Off-Season Mailing Deadlines (XXIX) section for the exact date. A fine will be assessed for being late.  Refer to the League Penalties (XXX) section for the exact amount. 

P. You may draft an unprotected player from another team during The Draft. If you do, you must pay his owner $50,000 and reimburse him for the money remaining on his contract.

Q. You may "re-claim" an unprotected player from your team during The Draft. This can be done without incurring any additional cost.

R. Any unprotected player that is NOT drafted or "re-claimed" is no longer owned. However, the player's previous owner is still obligated to pay their contract.

S. Owners must make their draft day selections with complete independence. They may not collaborate with other managers in an attempt to prearrange, or arrange during the draft, a "draft then trade" or "draft then acquire" transaction for any player(s) that would take effect at the conclusion of the draft.  As an example, the following would not be allowed. Team A agrees to trade the player it selects with its 5th round draft selection to Team B in exchange for Player C. At Team A's 5th round draft slot, Team B informs Team A of whom to select. A fine will be assessed on both teams that violate this rule. Refer to the League Penalties (XXX) section for the exact amount.