Based on the offers they attract, some Brassball restricted free agents make their teams eligible for draft pick compensation.  The players below received offers that classified them as either Type A or Type B free agents.  If their team does not match the offer that is extended to them, it will receive a draft pick as compensation for the player's leaving.  The loss of a Type A player results in a draft pick after the conclusion of the First Round.  The loss of a Type B player results in a draft pick at the conclusion of the Second Round. 

Players are listed in the order their picks would be ordered.

Players preceeded by an asterisk remained with their original team, meaning there was no compensation given.

Type A Type B
*Alex Rodriguez, Minnesota Carlos Lee, Iowa
*Vladimir Guerrero, Charlevoix *Derrek Lee, Bakersfield
Javier Vazquez, Ocala *Russ Ortiz, Bakersfield
Nomar Garciaparra, Cook County *Freddie Garcia, Bakersfield
*Miguel Tejada, Box City *Jason Varitek, Iowa
Preston Wilson, Bloomington *Cliff Floyd, Iowa
*Richard Hidalgo, Columbus *Aaron Boone, Santa Barbara
Mike Lowell, Minnesota  
Geoff Jenkins, Toledo