a free agency comparison

by Paul Weltz

Has one ever wondered just how good or bad a deal you made in your free agency signings?  Well, to help us evaluate some of our signings I made a comparison of free agent contracts of the same players signed this year in BRASS and Brassball.  A few disclaimers here: 

  1. There is no intention of making any owner appear bad (or good).   Just because a signing is higher in one league doesn’t necessarily make it a bad signing.  You can form your own opinion in that area.

  2. The minimum 2 year contract in BRASS is 800k, whereas in Brassball it is 500k.

  3. The overall budget is indeed 35 million in both leagues.   BRASS has contract payments on a year to year basis.  Brassball pays for the entire contract at the time of signing.   My hypothesis would be that the year to year contracts would be more inflated since the “pain” of a big contract is spread out.

  4. What you don’t see is also important but not factored into this report.  There may have been more RFA’s and/or UFA’s at certain positions in one league.

  5. BRASS bidders do have the advantage of the free agency process occurring during MLB spring training, whereas the Brassball free agency process is in the winter. 

OK.  With that said, here are the numbers.

28 BRASS contracts were signed at an annual salary less than a Brassball contract.

56 Brassball contracts were signed at an annual salary less than a BRASS contract.

1 contract was identical.  Kent Bottenfield was worth 2yrs/3.0m in both leagues.


Player BRASS Contract, Team,
Average Salary
BRASSball Contract,
Team, Average Salary
D. Young    4yr/10.7m Hpy Valley(2.675m) 3yr/5.685m, Florida (1.895m)
S Dunston 1yr/301k Meridian (301k) 1yr/320k Hessville (320k)
JA McDonald 1yr/202k Twin City (202k) 1yr/200k Hessville (200k)
B Johnson 1yr/202k SoCal (202k) 1yr/200k Hessville (200k)
D Weathers 4yr/4.0m (Qeynos) (1.0m) 2yr/1.3m Minnesota (650k)
H Slocumb 2yr/955k Washington (477k) 1yr/250k Minnesota (250k)
T Lampkin 1yr/202k Meridian (202k) 2yr/3.0m Queens (1.5m)
J Franco 2yr/2.611m Washington (1.305m) 2yr/3.0m Queens (1.5m)
T Womack 2yr/2.5m Washington (1.25m) 3yr/5.0m Queens (1.667m)
K Lofton 3yr/9.0m Painful Gulch(3.0m) 3yr/8.0m Box City (2.667m)
J Burkett 2yr/1.65m Ashland (825k) 1yr/801k Box City (801k)
D Mlicki 2yr/1.001m Meridian (500k) 2yr/1.301m Box City (650k)
M Morgan 1yr/600k Ashland (600k) 1yr/351k Box City (351k)
O Oliveras 2yr/1.001m Meridian (500k) 2yr/1.201m Box City (600k)
T Adams 2yr/3.5m Dayton (1.75m) 2yr/2.575m Cook Co. (1.288m)
T Gordon 2yr/1.02m Andover (510k) 2yr/505k Cook Co (252k)
D Oliver 2yr/805k Twin City (402k) 2yr/520k Cook Co (260k)
J Jaha 2yr/801k Leesburg (400k) 2yr/505k Cook Co (252k)
RN White 4yr/10.555m Manhattan(2.638m) 3yr/4.0m Iowa (1.333m)
K Rogers 3yr/11.75m Leesburg (3.916m) 2yr/5.65m Iowa (2.825m)
E Young 4yr/8.4m Leesburg (2.1m) 3yr/8.15m Iowa (2.717m)
A Ochoa 4yr/12.0 Qeynos (3.0m) 3yr/4.84m Iowa (1.613m)
K Lockhart 1yr/220k Twin City (220k) 1yr/251k Iowa (251k)
T Worrell 1yr/615k Painful Gulch (615k) 2yr/501k Iowa (250k)
A Benitez 4yr/18.4m Happy Vly (4.6m) 3yr/6.601m Plaza (2.2m)
RE Martinez 3yr/2.1m Manhattan (700k) 3yr/2.001m Plaza (667k)
B Chouinard 2yr/800k Qeynos (400k) MTM – 35k Plaza
A Telford 2yr/1.95m Leesburg (975k) 1yr/600k S Barbara (600k)
J Baldwin 4yr/15.1m Timber Lake (3.775m) 2yr/5.0m St. Croix (2.5m)
S Hasegawa 2yr/2.2m Painful Gulch (1.1m) 2yr/2.96m St. Croix (1.48m)
L Harris 1yr/202k Twin City (202k) 2yr/1.9m St. Croix (950k)
L Sojo 2yr/1.555m Washington (778k) 2yr/2.1m St. Croix (1.05m)
T Martinez 2yr/5.5m Qeynos (2.75m) 2yr/4.0m Brooklyn (2.0m)
M Myers 2yr/2.9m Happy Vly (1.45m) 2yr/2.75m Brooklyn (1.375m)
M Benard 3yr/4.311m Washington (1.437m) 2yr/4.1m Brooklyn (2.05m)
J Oliver 1yr/750k Ashland (750k) 2yr/1.667m Toledo (834k)
J Burnitz 6yr/14.837m Qeynos (2.473m) 4yr/8.5m Toledo (2.125m)
G Norton 1yr/200k Meridian (200k) 2yr/500k Toledo (250k)
J Olerud 5yr/12.111m Washington (2.422m) 4yr/4.0m Long Island (1.0m)
K Bottenfield 2yr/3.0m Dayton (1.5m) 2yr/3.0m Long Island (1.5m)
H Carrasco 1yr/602k Andover (602k) 1yr/205k Long Island (205k)
R Springer 2yr/826k SoCal (413k) 1yr/205k Long Island (205k)
M Cordova 1yr/200k Iowa (200k) 2yr/500k Racine (250k)
A Osuna 4yr/4.0m Qeynos (1.0m) 2yr/3.12m Racine (1.56m)
M Lewis 1yr/205k Twin City (205k) 1yr/250k Racine (250k)
B Wickman 3yr/8.945m Happy Vly (2.982m) 3yr/6.001m Glen Allen (2.0m)
W Gomes 2yr/1.6m Painful Gulch (800k) 1yr/700k Glen Allen (700k)
M Stanley 1yr/801k Leesburg (801k) 1yr/750k Glen Allen (750k)
M Wilkins 1yr/202k Twin City (202k) 2yr/540k Glen Allen (270k)
G Colbrunn 2yr/2.5m East Lyme (1.25m) 3yr/4.1m Glen Allen (1.367m)
C Ripken 2yr/2.75m Timber Lake (1.375m) 2yr/2.5m Glen Allen (1.25m)
D Bautista 1yr/1.2m Dayton (1.2m) 3yr/2.01m Glen Allen (667k)
R Velarde 3yr/2.0m SoCal (667k) 2yr/2.001m Glen Allen (1.0m)
M Matheny 2yr/3.6m Cream City (1.8m) 3yr/3.6m Bloomington (1.2m)
B Moehler 2yr/5.5m Dayton (2.75m) 4yr/5.069m Stanley (1.267m)
J Fabregas 1yr/375k Andover (375k) 1yr/450k Stanley (450k)
K Osik 2yr/801k Leesburg (400k) 1yr/275k Stanley (275k)
S Hatteberg 2yr/1.87m Happy Vly (935k) 2yr/1.8m Stanley (900k)
V Castilla 3yr/2.5m Manhattan (833k) 3yr/2.2m Stanley (733k)
C Curtis 2yr/2.0m East Lyme (1.0m) 1yr/805k Fleetwood (805k)
C Grebeck 2yr/1.25m Leesburg (625k) 1yr/805k Fleetwood (805k)
M Jensen 1yr/201k Iowa (201k) 1yr/200k Fleetwood (200k)
D Patterson 1yr/400k Happy Vly (400k) 1yr/205k Fleetwood (205k)
B Higginson 4yr/13.35m Happy Vly (3.337m) 4yr/16.21m Columbus (4.053m)
M Dejean 1yr/210k Leesburg (210k) 1yr/251k Columbus (251k)
S Green 4yr/18.2m Andover (4.55m) 3yr/11.82m Ocala (3.94m)
S Sparks 2yr/4.4m Ashland (2.2m) 1yr/1.825m Ocala (1.825m)
L Hawkins 3yr/4.96m Plainsfield (1.653m) 2yr/2.39m Ocala (1.195m)
J Mouton 2yr/801k Leesburg (400k) 1yr/200k Ocala (200k)
D Jones 1yr/1.05m Happy Vly (1.05m) 1yr/411k Ocala (411k)
B Groom 1yr/1.0m East Lyme             (1.0m) 1yr/411k Ocala (411k)
D Miceli 2yr/1.45m Happy Vly (725k) 2yr/890k Ocala (445k)
J Mecir 4yr/6.5m Qeynos (1.625m) 2yr/4.005m N Georgia (2.003m)
B Haselman 2yr/1.45m Boston (725k) 1yr/2.224m N Georgia (2.224m)
MI Williams 3yr/9.5m Boise (3.166m) 1yr/701k N Georgia (701k)
K Stocker 1yr/300k Twin City (300k) 1yr/376k Metropolis (376k)
De Bell 2yr/2.6m Inyo (1.3m) 1yr/376k Metropolis (376k)
M Morandini 1yr/444k Andover (444k) 1yr/376k Metropolis (376k)
BL Hunter 2yr/1.3m Boston (650k) 1yr/251k Metropolis (251k)
R. Reed 3yr/7.626m Andover (2.542m) 3yr/9.0m Gem City (3.0m)
R Becker 1yr/310k Leesburg (310k) 1yr/300k Gem City (300k)
M Trombley 1yr/750k Leesburg (750k) 2yr/750k Gem City (375k)
M Fetters 2yr/2.0m East Lyme (1.0m) 2yr/1.2m Gem City (600k)
P Schourek 1yr/1.15m Leesburg (1.15m) 1yr/250k Gem City (250k)
O Palmeiro 2yr/1.75m Manhattan (875k) 1yr/600k Gem City (600k)