Beginning with the 2000 BRASSball season, the league employs a fully automated method of compiling and reporting player stats, standings and league leaders.  The method takes advantage of the technology available to us and enables us to:


       have every BRASSball memberís computer version display the complete player-by-player stats for all teams in scores of categories prior to the playing of each monthís game

       have the up-to-date league standings prior to the playing of each monthís games

       have the up-to-date league leaders in scores of categories prior to each monthís games

       no longer burden the individual league members with the necessity of compiling and reporting their season stats, team leaders, team records or team stats during the season

       have centralized stats compilation and reporting that is free from the risks of the incomplete information and disruption that can accompany in-season resignations of league members


In order to accomplish these goals, we will need to keep each of our league files ìin syncî with each other by using the same standardized roster and stats files, produced and distributed each month by a member of the leagueís administrative team.  It will be mandatory for the leagueís membership to use the exact same roster files each month and to wait until they are received to begin play.


In order to make manageable the monthly process of handling the mass of files to be received, downloaded, imported, manipulated, compiled and reported, the leagueís membership must conform to certain logical and easy-to-follow game playing, file naming and series results submission conventions.  This document lays out the program and provides all the step-by-step instructions needed to follow these mandatory conventions. 


The leagueís membership must follow each of these instructions to the letter in order for the process to work smoothly for all. The whole of the seasonís stats could be jeopardized otherwise.  But donít worryótheyíre easy, they are logical, and most of us have been doing much of this already.


Communication/Delivery Method


Electronic delivery is the standard and only acceptable delivery method for series results files, road instruction MGR files, trade reports, contract signings, etc.  Series results and road instructions must be submitted as file attachments to e-mail messages.  To ensure quicker down load times for all, all series result files must be sent as a ZIP file attachment.  ZIP software is now mandatory for BRASSball League members.  If you do not have zip software, you can download a free version from the web by visiting the following site:


Administrative Team Members


League Statistician: Brian Budzyn

Backup League Statistician: Vaughn Nuest


The Monthly Playing Cycle


Refer to the BRASSball League Constitution for the instruction, series results, etc. deadlines.



MGR Road Instruction File


You are now mandated to use HAL for your road instructions and must prepare a .mgr file to send to the League Statistician each month.  To do so, attach the .mgr file to your instruction email message.


To create your HAL settings:


1)     Select your team in the ìManagerî window.

2)     Select the Team option and go to ìUpdate Computer Managerî.

3)     On the ìUpdate (Your team) Computer Managerî window, there is a drop-down menu listing the following three categories: Pitchers, Batters, and Manager Tendencies.  Each of these options brings up a new screen of settings for you to personalize. 

4)     At the bottom, is a ìSuper Halî button that brings up a very detailed list of settings for how each relief pitcher should be used.  Update this if you wish to reflect the situational relief instructions you want HAL to follow. 

5)     When you finish with ìSuper Hal Bullpen Managementî, click OK, and then SAVE on the ìUpdate XXX Computer Managerî window.

6)     To create a .mgr file, go to the ìTeamî menu again and select ìExport Computer Managerî.

7)     You will be prompted for a numeric key (to prevent your road opponents from viewing your settings).  Once you have entered a key (or chosen not to), you will be presented with a dialog box that asks you to name your .mgr file.  

8)     Choose a name (Teamname_MonthYear.MGR is a standard method), the location or folder in which to save the file, and click Save.  This is the file you email to the League Statistician.

9)     The League Statistician will import your teamís MGR file and provide all league members with the official monthly LZP file with all MGR files included.  Once you restore this official LZP file, you may begin playing your monthly games.


Receipt of League LZP File


The initial league LZP file will be sent out after March 25.  It will be complete through all off-season moves and pre-season trades. It will have the correct ballparks programmed for each team, as well as all the BRASSball league rules programmed for the given yearís league play.  League members must install the League LZP file into their Strat-O-Matic Game software and the BRASSball league will be there for them and ready to play.  League members must not alter or edit the league roster files in any way.  In order to preserve the compatibility across each of our workstations, we must all be working with the same files all season long.  The accuracy of series stats importing and all league stats is compromised if the files become incompatible in even the slightest way, causing a very time-consuming problem of fixing the files and possibly replaying the games.


To restore the league LZP file, select the menu item ìLEAGUEî ý ìRESTORE LEAGUEî.  Then browse for the proper LZP file you wish to restore.  Pay particular attention to the file you restore.


Rules & Options


The rules specific to the BRASSball League are already programmed when you load your LZP file for the first time.  Even so, please double-check to ensure that these setting are enabled so that we are playing under the same rules and league structure.


1)     From the Managerís screen, select the BRASSball League.

2)     Then click on the ìOptionsî drop down menu and select ìRulesÖî.   This brings up the ìGame Rules for the BRASSball Leagueî window.  Please make sure the following conditions have been selected in the various categories:


Main Rules: Super Advanced With BK/WP/PB

Stealing: Super Advanced

Miscellaneous: Use Miscellaneous Rules

Injuries: Do Not Use Injuries

Groundball A: Allow GBA on Pitcher Cards

BP/Weather/Clutch: select all

Strategy: Super Advanced Strategy Charts

Closer: Do Not Use Closer Rules

Pitcher Fatigue: Use SADV Fatigue Rules


3)     Click OK to close the ìGame Rules for the BRASSball Leagueî window.

4)     Now go back to the ìManagerî window, click on the ìOptionsî menu again and select ìLineups and Usageî.  This brings up the ìLineups and Usage Options for the BRASSball Leagueî window. Please make sure the following conditions have been selected in the various categories:


Visiting Team Lineup: Draft League Mode No Rest

Scheduled Days Off: Give Scheduled Days Off

Minor Leaguers: Minor Leaguers ñ INELIGIBLE

Home Team Lineup: Draft League Mode No Rest

Auto Swap: No Auto Swap-O-Matic

Overusage: Ignore Overusage


Click on the boxes at the bottom of the screen that reads: Use ìSuper HALî Bullpen and Use ìSuper HALî Lineup Slots.


5)     Double-check to see that your ballpark effects and weather effects (if applicable) have been entered correctly.


Using Game Files


In BRASSball, we employ Strat-O-Maticís game files for statistics reporting.  Subsets are not an allowable stat submission format.  After a series is done you will find the game files in the CDROMBB\EXPORTED directory.  The easiest way to find the game files for the series you just played is look at the times of the files.  Also note that there are TWO game files created for every ONE game played ñ one for the home team and one for the visitor.  You must pass along both files to your opponents and statistician. 

Always double check when starting a game that the game files box is checked on the lineup screen!


Giving Teams The Requisite Number of Days Off


Before you start play for a given series, please be sure to reset all the player rest requirements by giving each team 15 days off.  To do this:


1)       go to ìTeamî,

2)       then ìGive a Team a Day Offî

3)       give the Visiting team 15 days off.

4)       Repeat for the home team.


You can also accomplish this from the Lineup Screen ñ prior to the first game of the series.


Starting A Game or Series


At the beginning of each game:


1)     From the Manager window, start a ìNew Scheduled Gameî via the button or the ìFileí menu.

2)     In the ìScheduleî window, find the date of the game you wish to play.   Select the game that involves your team. Then from the drop down menu at the top of the window choose MANUAL.  Then click ìPlay Day.î  Then on the next window click ìManualî again.  You will then arrive at the familiar lineup screen.  Carefully set up the home and visiting teamsí manager, starting pitcher, lineups, and eligible players.

3)     Check ìExport Game File Resultsî.


Playing The Game


Not much to say here ñ you all know how to do this.  Just have a great time and please be conscientious in following your opponentís instructions and/or to make sure to set/import his HAL settings properly and play his team to win.


When The Game Is Complete


At the end of each game:


1)     Click on ìGet Boxscore.î

2)     After you save the results in subsets (optional since the league requires game files), you will be given a screen dominated by a boxscore of the just-completed game. A Box marked Report at the top probably says ìBoxscoreî. Use the arrow drop-down menu at the right of that box to change it to ìBoxscore, PAC and Scoresheetî.  Then go up top and hit the Save button.   You will then be prompted to name the boxscore and play-by-play report file.  Please always name the file with the playing date first and the team names following, exactly like this:




Please follow these naming conventions scrupulously.   It is essential that the month is listed first so that all the files for a given month will list themselves in order next to each other when the opponent, statisticians or LD are making lists and working with files, reviewing replay requests, etc.


When The Series Is Complete


At the end of a series:


1)     You will find that Strat-O-Matic saves the game files automatically to the EXPORTED folder.  The easiest way to find the needed files is to reference the time column in Windows Explorer.  Also remember that there are two game files for each game played.  Put the game files for each team in the series as well as the boxscore/play-by-play files into a zip archive named in the following manner:




Playing dates are not necessary for the final series report as there is only one series fitting this description each month.

2)     Send copies of the zip archive to both your opponent and the League Statistician and Backup.

3)     Send the ZIP archive as an attachment to an email message.  A series is not deemed completed until both your opponent and the league statistician(s) have received all necessary game files.

4)     At the end of each month, please save all of your existing subsets onto a disk or into a separate directory and entitle it September Subsets or something. Please save the boxscore files, too. You are responsible for keeping a full set of your subsets and boxscores until you learn that the league has everything it needs from you at the end of the month.


Importing Game Files From Series Results Mailings


Upon the completion of a series, a BRASSball League member submits his series results zip archive to his opponent and his league statistician.  The statistician uses the series results, specifically the game files, to compile and eventually report the full player stats, league leaders, standings, etc. for every team in the league.  The road opponent uses the series results to verify that his instructions were followed, looks over the series results, and then takes the game files and imports them into his stats directory.  This way, the individual BRASSball League managers have their own stats fully imported and updated prior to the next monthís games and prior to the date for submission of road instructions for the following month.


When you receive series results files from an opponent here is what you need to do:


       Download the zip file into your favorite download directory and unzip.  Please be cautious about downloading directly from the e-mail attachment into a game directory.  There are reports of problems caused by this action and itís safer to download somewhere else first, then move the downloaded files into the appropriate sombb directory.

       Move the Boxscores/play by play (Print files) into the CDROMBB/Print folder. You can then view/print your boxscores.

       Move the game files from your opponentís attachment over to the CDROMBB/IMPORT/ folder.


After you have moved the game files to the CDROMBB/IMPORT/ folder, go into the game and go to the ìStatisticsî drop down menu. Click on ìImport Game Results or Subsetsî.


NOTE: When importing files, be sure that you are importing the correct files and the correct number of files.  The game files you are importing should show a game date and team abbreviation for easy identification.


Your import folder window will then display on the screen. Double-click on your teamís subset and another box should open listing all the game files in that folder (yours and your opponentís) and the word ìYesî should appear after the file name. If so then Click the ìImportî button and you should get the message ìX files importedî. Verify that the amount of files imported is correct.


Your stats have now been updated.