League News

February 2002



Draft Day on Saturday 

BRASSball’s Draft Day is Saturday, March 2nd.  With its completion we will be almost set to get our eighth season underway.  Here is a list of things to remember in regards to the draft and important post draft deadlines: 

After the secondary free agency we all sit tight and wait for Dave to get the rosters out shortly after the 15th.  Also, the 15th is the deadline for changing your ballpark.  Dave obviously needs this for the roster files.  If you still intend to change your park please pass along your changes to Corey. 

New Manager 

As you all know we have a new manager in David Barber.  David replaced Jack Howard.  He has renamed the franchise the Moline Cutters (good name).  David has managerial experience from other Strat baseball and basketball leagues.  Dave is 30, married and has a nine-month-old son.  He lives with his family in Rock Island, Illinois where he teaches in the sixth grade. 

Draft Retrospective 

In 1996 BRASSball had its first rookie draft.  It was interesting draft to look back on because the previous year we had the Inaugural Draft, which originally stocked all 24 teams.  The interest comes in seeing the quality of players that escaped our genius-like intellects the year before.  What follows is a recap of the drafts of 1996 and 1997.  I figure with five and six years past I could look back and do some analysis. 

1996 First 24 picks then: 

1. Quilvio Veras 7. Jose Cruz Jr 13. Tyler Green 19. Geoff Jenkins
2. Ricky Bottalico 8. George Arias 14. Jon Nunnally 20. Steve Gibralter
3. Andy Pettitte 9. Brad Radke 15. Tom Gordon 21. Ariel Prieto
4. Javier Valentin 10. Esteban Loaiza 16. Tom Goodwin 22. Mark Petkovsek
5. Derrick Gibson 11. Rocky Coppinger 17. Shannon Stewart 23. Herbert Perry
6. Steve Sparks 12. Mark Grudzielanek 18. Bryan Rekar 24. Scott Karl

I personally find looking back at these past drafts because you see was the “Flavors of the Month” for a brief period of time.  In 1996 it looked like George Arias would own the Angel 3B job for the next ten years.  Ariel Prieto had successfully defected from Cuba and the press was touting him left and right.  Javier Valentin looked like the whole package behind the plate.  Derrick Gibson was a HUGE man even then.  The thought of speed along with the obvious power was too tempting to resist.  BTW, Gibson recently failed to go to Brewer camp and instead is going to give the NFL a try. 

Best picks by rounds: 

First & Comp A picks:  Andy Pettitte (3rd) and Mariano Rivera (28th).
Second & Comp B picks: Mike Sweeney (31st)
Third:  Todd Helton (71st)
Bonus:  Rich Aurilia (98th)
Fourth:  Paul Konerko (110th)
Fifth:  Shawn Estes (148th)
Sixth: Mike Cameron (153rd)
Seventh and later:  Kerry Wood (178th)

Just for fun: 

“Where have you gone…Steve Gibralter?”  Taken 20th overall.  I’m not sure I even knew much about him then let alone now. 

For picks 56-60 managers obviously lost their draft lists.  In succession were taken Brian Keyser, Rich Robertson, Marshall Boze, Donnie Sadler and an ancient Candy Maldonado.  

How I’d do the Top 10 picks now: 

  1. Todd Helton
  2. Mariano Rivera
  3. Andy Pettitte
  4. Mike Sweeney
  5. Kerry Wood
  6. Bartolo Colon
  7. Shawn Estes
  8. Mike Cameron
  9. Shannon Stewart
  10. Brad Radke

1997 First 24 picks then: 

1. Dmitri Young 7. Kris Benson 13. Matt Morris 19. Wilton Guerrero
2. Jose Rosado 8. Edgard Velazquez 14. Francisco Cordova 20. Jose Paniagua
3. Miguel Tejada 9. Alex Gonzalez 15. Adrian Beltre 21. Kevin Orie
4. Luis Castillo 10. Omar Olivares 16. Bill Mueller 22. Brett Tomko
5. Jermaine Allensworth 11. Willie Adams 17. Travis Lee 23. Matt Wagner
6. Carl Pavano 12. Brian Giles 18. Mike Grace 24. Hideki Irabu

Hmmmm….Willie Adams had a nice card based on solid second debut with the A’s.  Edgard Velazquez was (is) related to Roberto Clemente, ‘nuff said.  Kevin Orie was the latest in a long line of touted Cub 3B prospects.  When will we learn?  With Hideo Nomo’s success it’s actually surprising Irabu didn’t go higher. 

Best picks by rounds: 

First & Comp A picks:  Brian Giles (12th)
Second & Comp B picks: Robert Person (40th)
Third:  Kelvim Escobar (76th)
Bonus:  Gerald Williams (86th)
Fourth:  Ramiro Mendoza (118th)
Fifth:  Ron Belliard (126th)
Sixth: Aramis Ramirez (167th)
Seventh and later:  Billy Koch (256th

Once again, just for fun: 

“ Where have you gone…. Ramon Morel?”  Taken as the 42nd overall pick I once again remember little about Ramon.  I think he had a decent relief card or something. 

This time around I found a four player stretch of picks that has me scratching my head, “Uh?”  Taken in succession starting with pick 87 were Rich Hunter, Dave Hajek, Pat Cline and AJ Sager. 

How I’d do the Top 10 picks now: 

  1. Brian Giles
  2. Miguel Tejada
  3. Matt Morris
  4. Aramis Ramirez
  5. Adrian Beltre
  6. Fernando Tatis
  7. Terrence Long
  8. Dmitri Young
  9. Keith Foulke
  10. Billy Koch

In Season Deadlines 

With the season approaching now is a good time to remind all of the in season deadlines, especially given the new LD structure.  On the 15th your results need to be received by your opponents, the League Statistician (Dave Little) and the statistician backup (Corey).    The 15th is also the trade deadline.  Keep up the good work of getting these to Corey.  On the 25th of each month any contract signings and MO/MTM callups must be reported to Corey.  Also by the 25th your rotation for next month’s games need to be turned in to me.  Finally, the 25th is the deadline for sending out your instructions for the next month’s games. 

Trades and Roster Stuff 

35.   Glen Allen trades Glen Allen’s 2002 5th round draft choice to Minnesota for $200,000.

36.   Minnesota trades Darren Lewis, Luis Lopez (Mil) and $1,000,000 to Plaza for Ramon E. Martinez.

37.   Plaza trades Scott Hatteberg and Stanley’s 2002 7th round draft choice to Racine for Gerald Williams and Racine’s 2003 5th round draft choice.

38.   Plaza trades Paul Abbott to Columbus for $750,000.

39.   Plaza trades Wilfredo Rodriguez, Larry Bigbie and Brian Simmons to Cook County for $150,000.

40.   Cook County trades Jay Bell and Mark Wohlers to Hessville for Hessville’s 2002 2nd round draft choice and Hessville’s 2002 bonus round draft choice.

41.   Santa Barbara trades Tim Salmon to Box City for Box City’s 2002 3rd round draft choice.

42.   Santa Barbara trades Rey Ordonez to Gem City for Adam Kennedy.

43.  Toledo trades Frank Catalanotto to Gem City for Gem City’s 2002 1st round draft choice.

Upcoming League Deadlines 

March 2nd             WE DRAFT! 

March 7th             Contracts for new draftees need to be reported to Corey 

March 13th            Deadline for secondary free agency bids 

March 15th      Trade deadline for April action 

March 25th            Instructions and rotations due out.  SEASON BEGINS! 

Next Issue of “League News” 

Pre-season blowout.  I’ll look at how the teams stack up for the 2002 campaign.