BRASSball League Newsletter

June 21, 2006


2006 All-Star Game

This yearÝs annual event will take place in Charlevoix. Al will host the game and provide the league with results.


Ballots have been provided. Your ballots are due to the League Director on July 15. Voting is not optional. You are only required to vote for your own league.



We have had numerous late mailings this season. All fines have been reflected in the latest Excel roster file. Please make sure you submit your results to the League Statistician (Ray Martin) and the backup statistician (Brian Budzyn) before the due date!


Series Line Scores

Also remember there is a cash award for sending in your series line scores to the League Director after you play each series. You can simply write the series results in the subject of the email: for example, Toledo (2) at Santa Barbara (2). I use this information to keep our website up-to-date with the latest standings.


League LZP Restore File

Please remember to restore the latest LZP file from the Statistician before playing your monthly games. Recall there are two LZP restore files sent out each month! The first LZP restore file is sent soon after the 15th of each month with the last months results. You are to use this LZP file to create next monthÝs MGR file. Around the 25th of each month, you will receive the final LZP restore file with all MGR files installed by the League Statistician. You MUST restore using this file prior to starting your games for the month.


We have had several instances of series replays due to incorrect LZP restore files. Please rememberÍ you will save your Statistician from a few unnecessary headaches.



May 2006      


June 2006       


July 2006 (effective for August games)         


Upcoming League Deadlines

June 20 ˝ Statistician sends out first LZP file for home teams to configure June MGR file.


June 25 ˝ June Rotation deadline. Starting pitcher rotations for July games due to the LD.


June 25 ˝ July Road Instructions deadline. Instructions (HAL) for June games are due to League Statistician.  Statistician sends out final LZP file to begin monthly games.


July 15 ˝ June Home Series Results deadline. Series results for June are due to home opponents, League Statistician and Backup Statistician.


July 15 ˝ July Trade deadline. Trades must be reported to the LD by this date to be effective for July.


July 15 ˝ All-Star ballots due to League Director.


July 20 ˝ Statistician sends out first LZP file for home teams to configure July MGR file.



Strat-O-Matic Game Patch

There is a new SOM patch (11.03a) available on the SOM website.  I recommend you to restore Ray's LZP file after June 25th, then install the patch.