BRASSball League Newsletter

October 2006


2006 Regular Season

Thanks to everyone for another successful season of BRASSball. I hope everyone enjoyed participating this year and looking forward to the start of next season. By now you have received the final league LZP file from our Statistician containing all the final standings and player statistics.


2006 Post Season

Congratulations to all Divisional and Wildcard teams. Please refer to section XIX of the League Constitution for additional information on playoff rules. Ray Martin will be finalizing the Playoff LZP file shortly and we will begin the playoff rounds as listed:


AL West: Toledo Mudhens (106-56)

AL Central: Cook County Maulers (105-57)

AL East: Windy City Slickers (90-72)

AL Wildcards: Santa Barbara Outlaws (97-65) & Plaza Lions (95-67)


NL West: Metropolis Avengers (114-48)

NL Central: Fleetwood Walkers (117-45)

NL East: Glen Allen Mets (77-85)

NL Wildcards: Maine Black Flies (105-57) & Ocala Ocelots (96-66)


The Wildcard Playoff match-ups will be:

AL Wildcard Series: Plaza Lions @ Santa Barbara Outlaws

NL Wildcard Series: Ocala Ocelots @ Maine Black Flies


The Divisional Playoff match-ups will be:

AL Divisional Series: Windy City Slickers @ Toledo Mudhens

AL Divisional Series: AL Wildcard Winner @ Cook County Maulers

NL Divisional Series: Glen Allen Mets @ Fleetwood Walkers

NL Divisional Series: NL Wildcard Winner @ Metropolis Avengers 


New League Members and Teams

I am happy to announce three new members to our League! Earlier in September, Mike Swinton, Pete Grassi, and Brian Curran joined us. Thank you to those who were involved in the recruiting process. We held a lottery to determine who got the first pick of the available teams.


Brian Curran will join the NL East and take over the Charlevoix Tigers. The franchise has been relocated and renamed the Camby Cubs.


Full Name: Brian Curran
Email:  cambycubs@yahoo.com

City, State: Camby Indiana
Phone: 317-440-8099    
AOL IM name (required for annual draft): thekid9
New Team Name: Camby Cubs    

SOM history: In 2 leagues one for 8 years, the other for 6 or so
Occupation: CPA/Financial Analyst
Marital Status:married
Children: 2 boys
Other hobbies/interests: Baseball, Photography, baseball
Favorite team(s): RedSox (yes I hate the Yankees) Chicago Bears (take it easy On Rex Grossman)
Favorite player: Albert Pujols, Ted Williams(yes I realize he doesn't play anymore), Brian Urlacher
Least Favorite Player (added this myself):Barry Bonds, Raffy, Sosa, McGwire. Steroids weren't illegal in baseball but they were in life. Go Ryan Howard!!!
Favorite Baseball Memory:  Meeting Curt Schilling. His cousin and I went to IU together. Then people would say Curt who? Now they sayyeah right. Went to a 3 game series Indy vs Rochester here in Indy back in 1990? Proof is in the pictures.  Sadly just one of him coaching first base. BUT not all is lost. Of course that day Ben MacDonald was at the game so we got autographs, pictures, signed baseballs. #1 prospects yada yada. Lesson learned, next time appreciate what's in front of you.


Pete Grassi will join the AL West and take over the Boston Rust. The franchise has been relocated and renamed the Las Vegas Stars.


Full Name: Pete Grassi

Email: peteg9699@verizon.net

City, State: Old Bridge, NJ


AOL IM name (required for annual draft): peteg9699

New Team Name: Las Vegas Stars (keeping with the west division)


SOM history: Began playing SOM in the early 90's, left the game when I found OOTP and came back last year.

Occupation: Analyst, Margin Lending

Marital Status: Married

Children: One beautiful 3 month old daughter

Other hobbies/interests: Baseball, books on baseball, hockey

Favorite team: New York Yankees

Favorite player: Derek Jeter/Dave Winfield

Favorite Baseball Memory: Game 4 and 5 of the 2001 World Series, in person, Chad Curtis homer in game 3 of 1999 WS (there in person)


Mike Swinton will join the AL East and take over the Moline Cutters. The franchise has been relocated and renamed the Superior Blues.


Full Name:   Michael Swanson
Email:         mariners9595@msn.com

City, State: South Range, WI
Phone:       715-398-5457
AOL IM name (required for annual draft):   mariners95
New Team Name:     Superior Blues

SOM history:  Playing since 1985, BrassLeague 3 yrs, BrassWorld 2 yrs and USBL member 1 yr. was in RFBA for 7 years.
Occupation:   Math Teacher (I am actually doing my Math internship right now and will graduate this Fall).
Marital Status:  married 18 years
Children:  9, Michael Jr., Melanie, Matthew, Madelyn, Terrell, Terence, Terrick, Teressa, Meadowe
Other hobbies/interests:  WIAA official for Football, Basketball, Baseball
Favorite team:  Seattle Mariners
Favorite player: Ichiro
Favorite Baseball Memory: Ken Griffey Jr. threw a ball to me while at a game in the Metrodome, Seattle vs. Minnesota.  Also when the Mariners beat the NY Yanks in the 1995 ALDS.  Edgar Martinez hitting the game winner.  MY OH MY!!



2007 Rosters

The 2007 BRASSball Roster file will be distributed in a following email. All contracts have been incremented to the best of my ability. I encourage you each to review your roster to cross check my work. Refer to the League Constitution for details on contracts. Recall players on MO or Y contracts are to be incremented if they reach 40 IP or 130 PA.


All players on A, B, or F contracts have been paid. You may cut these players if you wish, but you will still be responsible for their salary. You must re-sign or cut players with AM, MO, or A-or-Y contract status. These contract signings are due to me no later than October 25th. Because of the amount of work required for processing, I encourage you all to send in your contract signings/cuts to me sooner than later! Please.


Rule Proposals

New rule proposals for the 2007 season were submitted to me on September 25th. Please find the 2007 New Rule Proposal ballot in an upcoming email. Voting is REQUIRED. Your ballot is due back to me on October 25th. Earlier would be appreciated.


On-Time Mailing Bonus Awards

The following teams have earned their 2006 Bonus Round Draft Pick for emailing all correspondence on-time through September 2006. See section XV of our League Constitution for details.



Box City



Cook County


Glen Allen



New Hampshire



Santa Barbara




Windy City


In-Season Result Reporting Bonus Awards

The following teams have earned a cash bonus for emailing their monthly series line scores to the LD on-time through September 2006. See section XVIII of our League Constitution for details.


Bloomington   $300,000

Boston            $190,000

Box City         $300,000

Brooklyn         $300,000

Charlevoix       $150,000

Charm City     $190,000

Cincinnati        $160,000

Cook County  $300,000

Fleetwood       $190,000

Glen Allen       $300,000

Hessville         $300,000

Maine              $300,000

Metropolis      $190,000

Moline            $190,000

New Hampshire $300,000

North Georgia $190,000        

Ocala               $300,000

Plaza               $200,000

Port Richey     $200,000

Santa Barbara  $300,000

Springfield       $300,000

Tinley             $300,000

Toledo             $300,000

Windy City     $300,000


Home/Away Record Discrepancy Bonus Awards

The following teams have earned a cash bonus for having a fair home versus away won/lost record differential in 2006. See section XVI of our League Constitution for details.


  1. The average BRASSball team won 3.33 more games at home than on the road in the 2006 regular season.
  2. Those teams whose home/road discrepancy was lower than this average were: Moline (-7), Santa Barbara (-7), Maine (-7), Port Richey (-4), Box City (-3), Springfield (-2), Brooklyn (-1), Cincinnati (-1), Charlevoix (-1), Cook County (+1), Hessville (+1), Ocala (+2), Bloomington (+3).
  3. The smallest discrepancy is -7 games.
  4. The range of discrepancy over which awards were given was 3.3 + 7 = 10.3. And dividing the range into fifths = 2.07.


Award Range #1: -7.00 to -4.93 games:                 Moline (-7), Santa Barbara (-7), Maine (-7)

Award Range #2: -4.92 to -2.86 games:                 Port Richey (-4), Box City (-3)

Award Range #3: -2.84 to -0.79 games:                 Springfield (-2), Brooklyn (-1), Cincinnati (-1), Charlevoix (-1)

Award Range #4: -0.76 to +1.28 games:                Cook County (+1), Hessville (+1)

Award Range #5: +1.32 to +3.35 games:               Ocala (+2), Bloomington (+3)


The cash awards per range are as follows:


Award Range #1: $3,000,000  Moline (-7), Santa Barbara (-7), Maine (-7)

Award Range #2: $2,500,000  Port Richey (-4), Box City (-3)

Award Range #3: $2,000,000  Springfield (-2), Brooklyn (-1), Cincinnati (-1), Charlevoix (-1)

Award Range #4: $1,500,000  Cook County (+1), Hessville (+1)

Award Range #5: $1,000,000  Ocala (+2), Bloomington (+3)



Player Over-Usage Fines

See section X of our League Constitution for details. The following teams have to pay additional money to their over-worked players for the 2006 season (blame the Players Union). The over-usage listed below is beyond the 5 PA and 3 IP buffer.



Player Award Ballots MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year

Ballots will be distributed in a following email. Voting is mandatory (our 3 new members are not required to vote on last years awards). Your completed ballots are due to the League Director by October 25th. Please only vote for your League only (American or National), not both.


League Dues

League Dues are $15 this season, and are now past due. Please send $15 check to:

Brian Budzyn

255 Gazania Court

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


New league members are required to pay this due upon joining the league. After his years collection, our Treasury will be healthy enough to last the next 2 seasons.


Trades October 2006


Contract Extensions



Upcoming League Deadlines

September 2006

October 2006



Strat-O-Matic Game Patch

Prior to starting the Playoffs, please download and install the latest patch from Strat-O-Matic. In order to play games over the internet, both participants must have the same version of software. Please do so prior to your first playoff series!


Upcoming November Newsletter Contents:

      Free Agency kick-off!

      Voting Results for MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year.

      Voting Results for Rule Proposals



Thats all for now


Brian Budzyn

BRASSball League Director