BRASSball Newsletter

October 2007

2007 Playoff Tree


AL Wildcard Series
Plaza (AL Wildcard - 92w) at Cook County (AL Wildcard - 106w)


NL Wildcard Series
Springfield (NL Wildcard - 96w) at Fleetwood (NL Wildcard - 98w)


AL Divisional Series
Hessville 2 (AL East - 90w) at Box City 4 (AL Central - 118w)
AL Wildcard at Toledo (AL West - 96w)


NL Divisional Series
NL Wildcard at Bloomington (NL Central - 110w)
Glen Allen (NL East - 102w) at Ocala (NL West - 108w)

AL Championship Series

TBD at Box City (AL Central - 118w)

NL Championship Series

BRASSball World Series



September Newsletter Article Incentive Program:

      Bloomington earned a $3,300,000 credit for their 11 news articles.

      Hessville earned a $300,000 credit for hosting the All-Star game and writing a summary.

      Louisville earned a $600,000 credit for writing two articles as the AL Reporter.  (The full AL Reporter salary was not credited since all 9 articles were not delivered).



Closing 2007 Bank Accounts

Fleetwood       $67,603,415

Santa Barbara  $52,968,433

Bloomington   $48,982,688

Springfield       $38,300,251

Glen Allen       $38,148,937

Hessville         $35,179,273

Plaza               $33,568,189

Cook County  $28,998,022

Box City         $24,652,395

Toledo             $23,922,311

Port Richey     $23,904,444

Camby            $21,141,877

Superior          $20,786,437

Texas              $17,702,746

Las Vegas        $17,206,148

Metropolis      $10,955,796

Windy City     $8,772,342

Charm City     $6,734,698

Maine             $5,630,683

Brooklyn         $3,762,902

Ocala              $3,505,317

North Georgia $2,663,242

Tinley            $2,384,970

Louisville        $-1,272,213



In-Season Standings Incentive Program

The following teams received a cash bonus for the In-Season Standings Incentive Program (Constitution Section XVIII):


Bloomington   $300,000

Box City         $300,000

Brooklyn         $110,000

Camby            $300,000

Charm City     $300,000

Cook County  $300,000

Fleetwood       $300,000

Glen Allen       $300,000

Hessville         $300,000

Las Vegas        $300,000

Louisville        $300,000

Maine              $110,000

Metropolis      $190,000

North Georgia $300,000

Ocala               $300,000

Plaza               $300,000

Port Richey     $300,000

Santa Barbara  $300,000

Springfield       $300,000

Texas               $300,000

Tinley             $300,000

Toledo             $300,000

Windy City     $300,000





On-Time Mailing Record

The following teams had a perfect On-Time Mailing Record for the entire season, and therefore earned a Bonus Round Draft Pick (Constitution Section XV):



Box City





North Georgia



Santa Barbara




Windy City



Home/Road Discrepancy Program

The following teams have earned a cash bonus from the Home/Road Discrepancy Program (Constitution Section XVI):


Home/Away games differential = -0.583

The average BRASSball team lost 0.583 more games at home than on the road in the 2007 BRASSball season.


Those teams whose home/road discrepancy was lower than this average:

Ocala (-12), Charm City (-12), Maine (-7), Hessville (-6), Santa Barbara (-6), Texas (-6), Camby (-5), Port Richey (-2), Cook County (-2), Springfield (-2), Metropolis (-1), Superior (-1)


The smallest discrepancy = -12 games

The range over which awards are given = 11.417

Dividing the award range into fifths = 2.2834 per range


The award ranges are therefore:                   The teams who fall in the award ranges are therefore:


Award Range #1: -12.00 to -9.72 games:     Ocala (-12), Charm City (-12)

Award Range #2: -9.71 to -7.43 games:       none

Award Range #3: -7.42 to -5.15 games:       Maine (-7), Hessville (-6), Santa Barbara (-6), Texas (-6)

Award Range #4: -5.14 to -2.87 games:       Camby (-5)

Award Range #5: -2.86 to -0.58 games:       Port Richey (-2), Cook County (-2), Springfield (-2), Metropolis (-1), Superior (-1)



Therefore, the bonus awards are:

Ocala               $3,000,000

Charm City     $3,000,000

Maine              $2,000,000

Hessville         $2,000,000

Santa Barbara  $2,000,000

Texas               $2,000,000

Camby            $1,500,000

Port Richey     $1,000,000

Cook County  $1,000,000

Springfield       $1,000,000

Metropolis      $1,000,000

Superior          $1,000,000



Player Usage

The following players were utilized beyond their allowable Player Usage during the 2007 season (Constitution Section X):

The fine for exceeding player usage limits is:

Each plate appearance over the buffer will cost $250,000.

Each inning pitched over the buffer will cost $500,000.


Players within 105% plus buffer limits:

Jason Schmidt (BLO) +1 within buffer

Maicer Izturis (BOX) +4 within buffer

Lastings Milledge (DRA) +2 within buffer

Kyle Lohse (DRA) +2 within buffer

John Thomson (DRA) +1 within buffer

JC Romero (DRA) +3 within buffer

Morgan Ensberg (MET) +3 within buffer

Mike Piazza (MET) +2 within buffer

Orlando Palmeiro (MAI) +3 within buffer

Matt Holliday (AVE) +4 within buffer

Corey Hart (YEL) +1 within buffer

Mike Timlin (SUP) +3 within buffer

Chris Duncan (WCS) +4 within buffer


Players beyond 105% plus buffer limits:

Brad Wilkerson (DRA) +23, +18 beyond buffer ($4.5M)

Choo Freeman (DRA) +26, +21 beyond buffer ($5.25M)

Yusmeiro Petit (DRA) +15, +12 beyond buffer ($6M)

Scott Olsen (MAI) +4, +1 beyond buffer ($500k)

Randy Wolf (MAI) +12, +9 beyond buffer ($4.5M)

Pete Orr (YEL) +48, +43 beyond buffer ($10.75M)

Ryan Spilborghs (YEL) +49, +44 beyond buffer ($11M)

Matt Belisle (YEL) +6, +3 beyond buffer ($1.5M)

Bryan Sweeney (PRE) +6, +3 beyond buffer ($1.5M)

Mark Prior (SUP) +10, +7 beyond buffer ($3.5M)

Lew Ford (TIN) +17, +12 beyond buffer ($3M)

John Grabow (WCS) +8, +5 beyond buffer ($2.5M)

Gary Majewski (WCS) +10, +7 beyond buffer ($3.5M)

Dave Borkowski (WCS) +18, +15 beyond buffer ($7.5M)




2008 Contract Extensions:

Fleetwood extends the contract of Barry Bonds (1X1-$5M) for one season.

Fleetwood extends the contract of Greg Maddux (1X1-$5M) for one season.

Toledo extends the contract of Placido Polanco (1X1-$5M) for one season.

Las Vegas extends the contract of Andruw Jones (1X3-$21.41M) for three seasons.

Glen Allen extends the contract of John Smoltz (1X1-$5M) for one season.

Plaza extends the contract of Derek Lowe (1X1-$5M) for one season.



New Owner

The franchise formerly known as the Las Vegas Stars has been relocated to California and has been re-named the Thousand Oaks Tigers.  Jim Budzyn will take ownership of this team after becoming familiar with their players this past season.  Jim helped configure the teamís Computer Manager and assisted with wrapping up the 2007 regular season for the Las Vegas Stars during the final two months of the season.  Yes, Jim is related to me ñ he is my father.  He can be reached at his preferred email address for BRASSball contact:



Open Franchise

The franchise formerly known as the Camby Cubs became available in late September.  Please let me know if you have any colleagues interested in joining our league!  This franchise has earned the right to draft first overall in the upcoming Annual Draft.



2008 Annual Draft Order

Order   Team               Wins

1          Camby            47

2-T      Texas               50 (wins tie-breaker with On-Time Mailing)

2-T      Charm City     50

4          Port Richey     54

5          Tinley             57

6          Las Vegas        62

7          Superior          65

8          North Georgia 68

9          Louisville        71

10        Windy City     72

11        Maine              73

12        Brooklyn         78

13        Santa Barbara  86

14        Metropolis      95

15        Hessville         90

TBD    Plaza               92

TBD    Toledo             96

TBD    Springfield       96

TBD    Fleetwood       98

TBD    Glen Allen       102

TBD    Cook County  106

TBD    Ocala               108

TBD    Bloomington   110

TBD    Box City         118