Dear BRASSball League Members:



Congratulations to everyone on a very successful Annual Draft. We did quite well for our first attempt at conducting the draft using an online forum. ìThank youî to both Mike and Jon for your help conducting the draft. The 20-minute windows were long enough for us to get used to the process. By the end of the draft, it appeared everyone was familiar with the format. So if we keep the Draft Forum next year, perhaps we could consider shortening the time slots to get through the draft quicker.


Metropolis has 2 open selections. I will officially close the draft at the last time slot (7PM Eastern) if no further selections are made.



I have signed all your drafted players to their appropriate contract (Y1), (MO), or (AM). If you wish to not sign a player you drafted, please inform me immediately. Please also confirm the player contract I assigned to your players is correct.



The trade freeze is over. You may begin discussing/reporting trades for April games.



Weíll need to have a quick Secondary Free Agency signing period due to the length of our Annual Draft and the start of the regular season.


I will provide a list of eligible free agents in a PRT file format. You can open it through the Strat-O-Matic game or in an editor such as Notepad. I will also provide an Excel file containing three worksheets that you will need for secondary free agency. One worksheet contains the players available in secondary free agency. Those listed are the ONLY players available in secondary free agency (if I inadvertently missed someone, sorry, not eligible). If you notice anybody that shouldn't be listed, let me know ASAP! The second worksheet contains the secondary free agency bid forms. A third worksheet provides an example of the bid form.


The following are some notes you need to keep in mind:

1) Secondary free agency does not work like regular free agency. You submit your bids along with a note on how many players you want from each group (and any other simple guidelines that you want me to follow). That's it. You will not be asked during the process if you want X player. If you are high bidder on a player in one of your groups AND haven't reached your signing total in that group AND no more players with higher precedence/preference are still available in that group THEN that player will be signed to your squad (no questions asked).


2) There are only two valid contract bids (MO and Y1).

      If a player has 130 or more PA OR 40 or more IP, you will need to offer the player a Y1 contract for $200K or more.

      If a player has 74 or less PA OR 29.2 or less IP, you will need to offer the player a MO contract for $100K or more.

      If a player has 75-129 PA OR 30 to 39.2 IP, you can offer the player a MO ($100K minimum) or Y1 ($200K minimum) contract. If a player receives MO and Y1 bids, the player will select the contract worth more money.

      Examples: If the player is offered MO contract at $189K and Y1 contract at $211K, the player will select the Y1 contract. If the player is offered MO contract at $219K and Y1 contract at $201K, the player will select the MO contract.


3) This is your last opportunity (without having to make a trade) to add the PA / IP to your squad that you need to make it through the season.


4) Any bids under the minimum will be "tossed out".


5) Use the bid forms! Enter the players in the bid form in the format of LAST_NAME, FIRST_NAME. I recommend that you ìcopy and pasteî into the bid form.


Ö From our League Constitution regarding secondary free agency:

VII. Secondary Free Agency Process


A. As a way for teams to acquire additional PAís and IPís after The Draft, BRASSball employs a secondary free agency process.


B. The LD will publish a list of undrafted, carded players in the post-draft mailing.


C. Any team who wishes to offer a contract to an undrafted, carded player may do so in a mailing to the person conducting the process, normally the LD, by the deadline. Refer to the Off-Season Mailing Deadlines (XXIX) section for the exact date.


D. The contracts available are consistent with the contract options of those players selected in that yearís draft.


E. Contract offers can be for a major league (Y1) or minor league (MO) contract, depending on the amount of PA/IP he achieved in the MLB season.


F. Contract offers must equal or exceed the proscribed minimums of the Y1 or MO contract.





I will be sending out the league LZP file. Please review it for accuracy.



-       Thursday, March 13 ñ League Director provides list of eligible Secondary Free Agents.

-       Sunday, March 16 (12PM noon Eastern) - Bids on Secondary Free Agents due to the League Director. No late bids will be accepted.

-       Monday, March 17 - Results of Secondary Free Agency are distributed by the League Director.

-       Wednesday March 19 (League Directorís extension - the Constitution states March 15) ñ April Trade deadline. Trades must be reported to the LD by this date to be effective for April.

-       Thursday March 20 ñ League Director will send out the official LZP file to create your Computer Manager file.

-       Tuesday March 25 ñ April Rotation deadline. Starting pitcher rotations for April games are due to the LD.

-       Tuesday March 25ñ April Road Instructions deadline. April HAL instructions are due to the League Statistician and LD.

-       April 15 ñ April Home Series Results deadline. Series results for April are due to home opponents, League Statistician and League Director.

-       April 15 ñ May Trade deadline. Trades must be reported to the LD by this date to be effective for May.


And thatís all for now. Letís have a great 2008 season!



Thank you,

Brian Budzyn

BRASSball League Director