BRASSball Newsletter

October 2008

2008 Playoff Tree


AL Wildcard Series
Brooklyn (AL Wildcard 85w) at Plaza (AL Wildcard 100w)


NL Wildcard Series
Glen Allen (NL Wildcard 85w) at Fleetwood (NL Wildcard 122w)


AL Divisional Series
Hessville (AL East 75w) at Cook County (AL Central 118w)
AL Wildcard Winner at Santa Barbara (AL West 108w)


NL Divisional Series
[Glen Allen (NL Wildcard 85w) OR Springfield (AL East 93w)] at Bloomington (NL Central 123w)
[Fleetwood (NL Wildcard 122w) OR Springfield (AL East 93w)] at Ocala (NL West 108w)

AL Championship Series



NL Championship Series



BRASSball World Series




September 2008 Newsletter Article Incentive Program:




October 2008 Transactions:

#58: Ocala trades Derek Jeter, OCA 2009 #5 to Santa Barbara for Brian Bannister.



2009 Contract Extensions:

Contract Extensions for players currently on their final year of a free agent contract were due September 25.

      Cook County extends the contract of Chipper Jones (1X1-$5M) for 1 season.

      Santa Barbara extends the contract of Carlos Lee (1X2-$11M) for 2 seasons.

      Hessville extends the contract of Carlos Delgado (1X1-$5M) for 1 season.



Closing 2008 Bank Accounts




Open Franchises

      All teams currently have ownership as of October 2008.

      If you intend to not continue with BRASSball next season, please inform me. Thanks.



Backup/New Owners

We have two backup league members. Welcome to the league, John and Justin!

      John Fredriksen: resides in Thousand Oaks, California;

      Justin Lee: resides in Washington, D.C.;



2009 Annual Draft Order

1.     Chatham                51        111      .315

2.     Charm City           52        110      .321

3.     Louisville              54        108      .333     tied for 3 / 4

4.     Superior                54        108      .333     tied for 3 / 4

5.     Port Richey           62        100      .383

6.     North Georgia       65        97        .401

7.     Malibu                  67        95        .414

8.     Tinley                   69        93        .426     tied for 8 / 9

9.     Parkland                69        93        .426     tied for 8 / 9

10.  Simi Valley            74        88        .457

11.  Texas                     75        87        .463

12.  Maine                    76        86        .469

13.  Thousand Oaks     79        83        .488

14.  Metropolis                        82        80        .506

tbd Hessville               75        87        .463     AL East

tbd Glen Allen             85        77        .525     NL Wildcard

tbd Brooklyn              85        77        .525     AL Wildcard

tbd Springfield 93        69        .574     NL East

tbd Plaza                     100      62        .617     AL Wildcard

tbd Santa Barbara        108      54        .667     AL West

tbd Ocala                     108      54        .667     NL West

tbd Cook County        116      46        .716     AL Central

tbd Fleetwood             122      40        .753     NL Wildcard

tbd Bloomington         123      39        .759     NL Central



In-Season Standings Incentive Program

The following teams received a cash bonus for the In-Season Standings Incentive Program (Constitution Section XVIII):


Bloomington               $300,000

Brooklyn                     $100,000

Charm City                 $160,000

Chatham                      $300,000

Cook County              $190,000

Fleetwood                   $300,000

Glen Allen                   $300,000

Hessville                     $190,000

Louisville                    $300,000

Maine                          $110,000

Malibu                        $190,000

Metropolis                  $160,000

North Georgia             $170,000

Ocala                           $300,000

Parkland                      $200,000

Plaza                           $300,000

Port Richey                 $300,000

Santa Barbara              $300,000

Simi Valley                  $300,000

Springfield                   $300,000

Superior                      $60,000

Texas                           $300,000

Thousand Oaks           $300,000

Tinley                         $300,000



On-Time Mailing Record

The following teams had a perfect On-Time Mailing Record for the entire season, and therefore earned a Bonus Round Draft Pick (Constitution Section XV):






Glen Allen




Santa Barbara

Simi Valley


Thousand Oaks




Home/Road Discrepancy Program

The following teams have earned a cash bonus from the Home/Road Discrepancy Program (Constitution Section XVI):


Home/Away games differential = 1.250

The average BRASSball team won 1.250 more games at home than on the road in the 2008 BRASSball season.


Those teams whose home/road discrepancy was lower than this average:


Thousand Oaks (-19 games)

Port Richey (-10 games)

Metropolis (-10 games)

North Georgia (-9 games)

Ocala (-8 games)

Simi Valley (-6 games)

Glen Allen (-3 games)

Santa Barbara (-2 games)

Texas (-1 game)

Charm City (even)

Parkland (+1 game)


The league average = +1.25 games

The smallest discrepancy = -19 games

The range over which awards are given = 20.25

Dividing the award range into fifths = 4.05 per range


The award ranges are therefore:                   The teams who fall in the award ranges are therefore:


Award Range #1: -19.00 to -14.95 games:   Thousand Oaks (-19)

Award Range #2: -14.94 to -10.90 games:   none

Award Range #3: -10.89 to -6.85 games:     Port Richey (-10 games), Metropolis (-10 games),

North Georgia (-9 games), Ocala (-8 games)

Award Range #4: -6.84 to -2.80 games:       Simi Valley (-6), Glen Allen (-3)

Award Range #5: -2.79 to +1.25 games:      Santa Barbara (-2), Texas (-1), Charm City (even), Parkland (+1)


Therefore, the bonus awards are:

Thousand Oaks           $3,000,000      award range #1

None                           $2,500,000      award range #2

Port Richey                 $2,000,000      award range #3

Metropolis                  $2,000,000      award range #3

North Georgia             $2,000,000      award range #3

Ocala                           $2,000,000      award range #3

Simi Valley                  $1,500,000      award range #4

Glen Allen                   $1,500,000      award range #4

Santa Barbara              $1,000,000      award range #5

Texas                           $1,000,000      award range #5

Charm City                 $1,000,000      award range #5

Parkland                      $1,000,000      award range #5



Player Usage

The following players were utilized beyond their allowable Player Usage during the regular season (Constitution Section X):


A few members provided special instructions to avoid over usage to their opponents. However, not all opponents adhered to the instructions of the away manager, which caused player over usage. Some league members auto-play their home games so the specific instruction could not have been followed anyway. And in one case, the PC game apparently did not follow the pre-programmed HAL rotation and started the incorrect pitcher. Should those teams be penalized for over usage? I have my opinion. But this will be the decision for this year: All over usage will be fined equivalently based upon the POPS Player Over-usage Penalty System regardless if special instructions were provided by the away team and not followed by the home team. I decided to rule in this fashion because we do not have a Constitution rule that states that a home manager is strictly required to adhere to special instructions from the away manager. This could be a topic that requires a Rule Proposal next season.


I will calculate the exact POPS penalty cash fine at a later date and provide an update to those teams affected.



Charm City

Cook County




North Georgia




Port Richey

Simi Valley




Late Mailing Fines 2008 Season

The following late mailing fines were accounted for in the Roster file at the time of the infraction. The list below represents a summary for the year.


Charm City Late June results: $1M

Charm City Late September results: $2M and loss of 1st round pick

Cook County Late May results: $1M

Cook County Late September instructions: $2M and loss of 1st round pick

Hessville Late June results: $1M

Maine Late August instructions: $1M

Malibu Late June results: $1M

Metropolis Late September results: $1M

North Georgia Late May results: $1M

Parkland Late September results: $1M

Port Richey Late May instructions: $1M

Superior Late May instructions: $1M

Texas Late May instructions: $1M



Netplay Online Play Instructions

Does anyone have basic Netplay instructions? Typically, all BRASSball Playoff games are played using Netplay. But not everyone is familiar with the process, including how to disable your internet firewall. If anyone can provide a good set of instructions for using Netplay, I will provide that team with a News Article Incentive ($300k) for the person that provides the most thorough instructions. Thanks.



Upcoming Mailings

      2008 BRASSball Playoff LZP File

      2009 BRASSball Roster Excel File (with updated contract status & free agent listing)

      Award Voting Ballot for League MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year

      Rule Proposal Voting Ballot



Upcoming Deadlines

      October 25 Contract Signings deadline. MO, Y1, Y2, Y3, A, U and AM contract signings due to the LD.

      October 25 Roster Cuts deadline. Any roster cuts are due to the LD.

      October 25 League Awards Ballot deadline.

      October 25 Rule Changes Ballot deadline.

      November 1 List of restricted and unrestricted free agents distributed by Free Agency Conductor.