Bloomington Bees 1997 Brassball Champions

Bee's Wax

Vol 7.  Issue 4
February 2001

We make it your “bee’s wax” to know what’s happening in Bees Baseball.

The Draft From Hell

Or How I Managed To Have The 4th Pick And Still Did Not Get One Of My Top 4 Players

 BRASSball’s 6th Annual Draft is in the books and I am still scratching my head over what happened to the best plans set forth by our draft staff with our first pick.  In our preparations leading up to the draft, we had finally settled on the top 4 players on the board and were going to be very happy to have any one of them.  But yet, when the dust cleared after our 4th pick, none of these players wound up being available for us to pick.  Now how did that happen, you might ask?  Fair enough.  Let’s have a look.

We liked a couple White Sox farmhands as the top two amateurs on the board.  In the pitcher category, we liked 6’ 11’ right-hander Jon Rauch, who has “star” written all over him.  On the offensive side, we liked Pale Hose slugging outfield prospect Joe Borchard.  As far as carded players went, we liked Mets left-handed starter Glendon Rusch best.  We thought he was the top carded player available.  In order, we decided that we liked Rauch best, then Rusch, then Borchard.

Well, on the Friday before The  Draft, I made a visit to the BRASSball chat room to make sure I could connect and see that everything was working correctly.  As fate would have it, the BRASSball owners with the top two picks (from Ocala and Toledo) were there and revealed their picks about 12 hours early.  Of course, as you all now know, their picks were Rusch and Rauch.   Okay, I thought.  That’s pretty bad news because we really liked those two.  But we still have Borchard out there and we can nab him, or we can nab or other favorite carded pitcher.

In an e-mail exchange late that night to our esteemed AL Director Kevin Kolb, I mentioned that we’d likely grab this carded pitcher and I mentioned him by name, Milwaukee right-hander Jamey Wright, who we liked very much.  He later told me of course that my scouting staff had committed and error and listed him as one of the availables when in fact, he was already owned.   Sure enough, he was right.  There went out #4 choice, even before the draft started.

Then comes draft day and we’ve settled on making Borchard our pick at #4 and then, as we know now, his was the name called by the Iowa Rubes, this completing the perfect sweep of the top four names on our list after only three picks had passed.  Our entire scouting department was fired and the picks from there were left to the owner.  So, scrambling, he tabbed some guy from Japan (Ichiro Suzuki) who has never played a game in the U.S., same as every other Japanese position player in the history of the world, and pinned his hopes on him.  On their way out, the former scouting department staff was overhead muttering about a meddling owner and used the pick as proof of how the franchise is destined to be run aground under the stewardship of this particular individual.  Time will tell, as always.