Bulldog Bites

As the Bulldogs embark on their 2nd Brassball season they hope to improve on their poor 58-104 showing in 2000.

Knowing this GM/Owner Robert Smith got to work early and often during the off-season acquiring big names such as Maddux,Erstad,Alomar,O'Neill and Martinez to name a few.The bullpen was totally overhauled as Sasaki will anchor a solid bullpen of Mike Myers,Gabe White and Jose Paniagua.Esteban Yan will be the long man.

The starting staff is much improved also as future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux will lead a rotation that boasts youngsters Ryan Dempster and Rob Bell along with Andy Pettite and Garret Stephenson.Guess what the defense and offense has been greatly improved as well.

Three fourths of the infield and all of the outfield is brand new.Adding quality bats such as Darrin Erstad and Roberto Alomar to the return of David Justice will make this a very dangerous offensive team.Defense up the middle is solid with the Alomar brothers,Alex Gonzalez and Marvin Benard in CF...Erstad,Martinez and O'Neill round out a quality defens.

Team chemistry will be the only thing holding this team from making the well as those pesky Outlaws from Santa Barbara."I built this team with the hope of making a run at the playoffs,we gave up some very good young players with that idea in mind,we better accomplish that goal,"GM Robert Smith said.With expectations running high the Bulldogs and their loyal fans know one thing is certain...they definitely will be more exciting than last year.