The single most anticipated, prepared for, thought about and hope-filled day on the Brassball calendar toke place this past weekend.  Every owner is given the opportunity to add to his team that player who will carry his team through the next decade or to a championship in the near future.  This annual attempt to level the playing field as it may be can be quite unpredictable.

       Mets GM Clark was asked how he prepared for this short offseason after taking his team to the World Series.  " Remembering that this draft is inverse order of last year's finish, the Mets position was 23/24.  I wanted to restock, through free agency and use this draft to restock the minor league talent.  In years past I had holes to fill, like last year I took Todd  Ritchie with my first pick and he had a great rookie year.  This year my opening day roster is almost set so I'm looking for players for future years.

      I came to the draft prepared with prospect lists and reports for the best minor league talent, especially arms available.  Unfortunately, the other teams do the same thing so you can never get everybody that you hope for.  In the first round, I was pleasantly surprised that Albert Pujols was still available. He will be 21, hits for high average, with potential for 30 homeruns and strikes out infrequently.  Good glove, but the feet need some work was the main reason for most of his errors getting into position to make the throw.  Maybe my wife will give him some dance lessons to help with that," he said with a smile.  "She always wants to teach me but I have no musical talent.

      Round two, I had my eye on Bud Smith, but he was snatched by Toledo one selection ahead of the Mets.  Instead I chose "El Duquecito" Adrian Hernandez, because his delivery resembles that of fellow Cuban Orlando "El Duke" Hernandez.  If he can work on a little better control against left hand3ed batters he will be something.  In the middle of the third round things got a little wild!  Intruder into the draft room facilities caused me to loose my concentration.  One guy called Floyd, from England and obviously intoxicated was shouting obscenities at some of the general managers.  Then his girlfriend or whatever came into the room and they were swearing back and forth.  Finally she got him to leave before we called the police.  Next year they need to lock the doors or at least get some security.  I was a little frazzled not knowing if the Brassball owners were going to have a fight on their Hands from this foreigner who kept shouting 'Baseball is S___'.  So after catching my breath at my turn I selected Bronson Arroyo.  His stats were not great, but at only 24 & 6'5" with a little more meat on his bones he could be something.  The nest pick was Mike MacDougel, who from the reports that I read had the best stuff in the K.C. organization.  His fastball can touch 99mph with above average slider and changeup when he throws them for strikes.  He has allowed only 8 HR in 203 IP, so he'll start in AA then move up.  My final minor league selection was Hector Ortiz because you can never have enough catchers with all the pitchers that will be in camp.

      About 2:30P.M., GUESS WHO CAME BACK? Floyd yelled into our room again before he was escorted away, hopefully far away.  Any one find out what is a yanker?


     When do we report to training camp?