The Glen Allen Mets' fans remember that their team went to the Brassball World Series less than six months ago.  As the defending National League Champion this team was supposed to play much better than 23-33 after the first two months of the season.  Look at the league standings to see that the Mets are only two games behind Long Island in the NL East and tied with Bloomington five games behind Fleetwood and Columbus for the Wild Card spot so things are not so bad.  Then why is the general manager asked what is he going to do to right his team?

       GM Clark's response, "First we can not panic!  This team was assembled to contend for the NL East title, and we are only two games out after two months.  That is not too bad considering this team is overall, not hitting or pitching like they should be.  We do have some individuals that I would like to mention for their efforts.  John Flaherty has surprised me with his batting average .313 and .320 Vs right handed pitchers to complement Brook Fordyce .288 and .459 Vs left handed pitchers so our catching corps is solid.  Matt Lawton could be our all-star representative and Ryan Klesko is solid.  New acquisitions Greg Colbrunn .318 and Danny Bautista .290 are doing what I expected.  Unfortunately, the other 2/3 of the batters is underachieving!  Omar .222 and Velarde .237 & 46 K, are not setting the table like they did last year."

      After catching his breath, the perplexed manager continued, "I'm tinkering with the batting order to try to find some combination that will work.  Have you seen the home run differential?  Well, at home in the Yard the Mets have 37 opponents 32 while on the road we have 21 and the opponents 40.  Then look at our record in close games: 1-5 in extra innings, 4-13 in one run games similar to the Parcelmen 1-7 and 4-12 and they won the series."

       I guess you should also look at the pitching, team ERA 5.29 is a run higher than last year.  Milton and Ritchie are anchoring the rotation with Wickman, Gomes and Heredia solid out of the pen.  The rest of the guys are nothing to write home about!  We do have a young guy that has been impressive in the minors, so I have decide to bring up Barry Zito for June.  The veterans Gardner and Trachsel will be dropped down in the rotation so that Barry can have six starts."

      Pitching Coach Jimmy Key echoes the concern and possible solution, " I've personally scouted Zito and he will help take some pressure off the other guys.  Despite his age, fans, umpires, errors or other factors do not easily shake up Barry beyond his control.  He is also healthy and can give us some innings, which is more than I can say for some of our other guys.  We are putting a lot of pressure on our bullpen going to them early and often.  Felix Heredia will rest in June to save him for the second half of the year.  Marc Wilkins will join the bullpen and take a little pressure off Wayne Gomes.  We have 2/3 of the season to go and can not wear out everybody half way through the year."

       Glen Allen looks forward to improvement in the months ahead and a chance to defend their National League title.