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Dateline – March 25

Morris Breaks Spring Training

The Monarchs broke spring training Saturday, March 24, and headed to their new stadium.  With Bonds, Salmon, Edmonds, and company Morris has hopes to challenge for the playoffs.  Few BRASSball teams have as solid an offense as Morris offers its fans.  Morris’s defense isn’t to shabby either with the big 3 in the OF backed up by Torii Hunter, the infield defense stabilized by Bret Boone, and the catching corps headed by Einar Diaz.  With this line-up and defense, Morris could produce 100+ wins.   However, Morris pitching leaves a lot to be desired, and 90 wins is more likely.  GM Hog Howard picked up pitching help in Brain Tollberg, Elmer Dessens, and Osvaldo Fernandez in the draft after losing out on other desired choices.  Hog also drafted the 3 top collegiate pitchers for the future.  Instructions have been sent.

 Monthly Focus – Dewon Brazelton 

Brazelton a RHSP for Middle Tennessee State emerged as a top collegiate pitcher last summer after his performance with Team USA – College Baseball’s National Team.   He teamed up with Morris amateur choices Mark Prior (USC) and Josh Karp (UCLA).  Brazelton set Team USA records going 6 – 0 and setting his ERA at 0.65.  Brazelton, an unknown, was spotted by TEAM USA assistant coach, Tim Corbin, after Brazelton beat his Clemson Tigers with a flawless pitching performance.  Brazelton beat Cuba twice in Team USA games last summer.  Dewon has not let up this year. He has the best pitcher statistics in Louisville Slugger’s and Baseball America’s College Player of the Year Watch.  He has won his first 4 starts and his ERA is an anemic 0.31.  He is averaging 12.1 strikeouts per nine innings.  Morris’s Prior was highlighted in a USA Baseball Weekly - 2-column article in late February/early March.  Morris hopes their 3 collegeteers will soon work their way into the Monarch rotation.

Come and Get Them - Everyone is Available

While Morris offers a competitive team this year, we believe we can make the team better.  There are no untouchables.  However, we are not stupid.  We will not trade just to trade.  We are looking to improve the team. Give us a try, maybe we can help you, too.


Morris only pulled off one trade to date – trading a middle round draft choice and cash for 2B Craig Grebeck.  Grebeck gives Morris some infield flexibility and will DH some.