The Insight into the Empty Minds of the Morris Management


Trading/What Is It?  

            I have a lot of problems with trading in this league.  Some I create myself, either with poor or no communications and some problems I just don’t understand how the other managers’ minds work.  I made one trade so far since returning to BRASSball.  I traded money and a draft pick (5th round) for a back-up infielder – Craig Grebeck.  I didn’t like giving up a draft pick, but the manager I received him from offered him to me for the face amount of his contract, which was a 1 year 500 K or $600 K contract.   I thought he overpaid for him in Free Agency and now he wanted to unload him and recoup his costs.  I did not have that type of money to give up so I offered the draft pick and if I remember correctly $200 K for Grebeck on a paid contract.  I was not thrilled with the trade but I was satisfied with the results for Grebeck has worked out OK. 

        During the April games, before the trading deadline one of you asked me if Edmonds was available.  I said everybody was available.  The manager said he did not have the funds in his account to pay Edmonds contract so he asked if I would trade him fully paid.  I agreed.  He asked me what I would want for Edmonds.  Edmonds has a great card, was a runner-up in the MVP balloting in the NL last year, and he has been tearing the cover off the ball for me.  Edmonds is under contract for this year and next.  My though was that if I trade Edmonds, [FULLY PAID] that I had decided my team was a pretender and not a contender (I am still undecided about that).  I looked at the other managers roster and indicated that I needed pitching, he had 2 highly thought of pitching prospects, one of which could pitch a couple months this year and the other one was on the DL and would probably go uncarded another year as an amateur.  I asked for those 2 pitching prospects, a #1 draft choice, and an outfielder that would help cover the lost ABs (a prospect who has not lived up to expectations and had 400+ ABs last year but is injured this year).  I never heard from that manager again.  I figured I asked too much.  I don’t know, it seems reasonable to me 2/3 prospects and a draft choice for a sure thing of 2 MVP years fully paid. 

        Recently a manager offered me a pitcher he claimed would strengthen my rotation and a reliever that could help my pen.  All he wanted was enough innings to replace what he gave me and something for his trouble.  He would like to have my top amateur, but was willing to work out something else.  After a nice phone call we were close to a deal, however, now I was giving up my top 2 draft picks for a minor leaguer who had 400+ ABs last year in the majors and a later #2 and a #4.  We both thought we were on the verge of a deal.  When I looked at the pitchers offered, they were not better than my meager starters, or relievers, in fact his starter he offered was just about the same as my #7 and #8 starters who he wanted back in the trade and my guys had more remaining innings then he was offering.  I informed him that the pitcher he offered was not as strong as previously thought and asked him to supply someone who measured up to the standards he offered.  Since then all he has said to me was that I backed away from the deal.  In part he is right, but he was not delivering goods he promised.  I am sorry it didn’t work out. 

        I intentionally did not name names here because, I am not trying to anger people.  I am just trying to figure out, how players and their contracts are valued in this league so I can make fair an equitable trades and be someone each of you would feel comfortable calling or emailing offers to.  My experience, 32 years in strat, has taught me that a manger who tries to take advantage of and or bullies other managers in trades will be resented.  Even if he builds one of the strongest teams, people will quit dealing with him.  On the other side of the coin, Managers with weak teams who try to rebuild and are taken advantage of in trades will give up on their teams and quit.  Then the league has to look for more managers.  My dad (who does not play strat – but loves sports) told me years ago, that a fair deal is one struck between two parties, who are both trying to strengthen their team one way or another, and that when the deal is completed – each of the parties involved in the trade would be willing to take either side of the trade.  I try to live by that principle when making trade offers.


Morris IS HOT - HOT !!

        Two months into the season, and the Monarchs are extremely hot at home.  I have never had this good of a home record after 2 months of play (22 – 6).  Every move I seem to make works wonders.  I have batted Lampkin against lefty pitchers and done well, Huson has torn the cover off the ball.  Bonds, Edmonds and crew have done the job.

            Bonds is tied with Vladimir G for most homeruns – 23, and Edmonds has stroked 21 tying him with Troy Glaus for 3rd.  Bonds has scored 60 runs, 2 more than anyone else and Edmonds has scored 56 giving him 3rd place again.  Bonds is also tied with Vladimir with 70 RBIs and he has 19 doubles (9th best in the league).  Bonds has done all that as Morris’s 5th and 6th place batter.  Edmonds only has 51 RBIs – 9th best in league.  Bonds edges Vladimir for 1st in slugging percent at .773%.  Womack leads the league with 25 stolen bases.  Needless to say, I am having a lot of fun right now.  We will see when the bubble bursts.