The Insight into the Empty Minds of the Morris Management


August Report 

            With 140 games under our belt, the Monarchs’ lack of pitching and bench depth reared its ugly head.  The August results looked a lot like July.  Morris went 8 – 20 each of the last 2 months.  Morris fans cannot expect much better then that in September.  Morris has had to make moves to gain ABs, such as acquiring veteran Greg Myers.  Myers, a back-up catcher, was installed as the DH for July, to chew up 100 at bats.  Ricky Ledee, one of the players acquired in the Edmonds deal, had his full compliment of plate appearances available when he came over in July from Fleetwood.  In 2 months he has gone to the dish 259 times.  Edmonds replacement, Torii Hunter, is not able to play full time and his bat is nowhere near what he replaces.  Ledee has been spelling Hunter, Salmon, and Bonds the last 2 months to avoid over usage of those outfielders.   Lee Stephens also came over in the Edmonds deal.  However, Stephens, did not have a lot of plate appearances available so he has been used sparingly, to spell Daubach at 1B, as both have been getting their time on the pine. 

            We know the trading of Edmonds has hurt our offense, but after completing our torrid April and May playing units, our hopes were dashed when we were still looking up at the division leader.  Then we had a horrible June at home, so Edmonds became available.  We realized that 3 good players do not make a team.  We started counting available plate appearances and innings.  We have quantity but no quality innings and we are hurting in available plate appearances.  Thus, the original Edmonds trade was altered based on each teams needs and Myers was acquired. 

League Turnover 

        BRASSball is going through some changes.  These changes are major and we each need to be available to help.  Previously, I was involved in a great rotisserie based strat league that lost its Commissioner.  The Commissioner’s position was handled well by the next individual who assumed the role, but he only lasted a year or two.  When he left I considered stepping forward, but another long time league member beat me to the position.   The league gave him a chance, but he ran off the league members quickly by trying to convert the league from what it was to what he wanted it to be in a very short period of time.  The league folded.  Some of the former league members wanted to go back to the old format and they asked me to organize a new league based on the old league.  We started over using the former league’s constitution as our set of rules and we rekindled the old league spirit.  That league lasted an additional 5 years before we shut it down.  It was a shame it had to die, but I learned a lot from my experiences as league Commissioner.   

            Kevin and Lenny are the heart and sole of BRASSball.  They built this league into one of the finest around.  I can appreciate that they need to give up their duties as the outside world starts to demand more of their time.  Corey has been a big part of this league and his shift to LD is consistent with league needs.  I do not know Mark, but if he and Corey can work together and Lenny and Kevin are giving him their blessings, I am sure he will be a positive force.  Let’s give these guys a chance and we need to help out where ever we can.  If nothing more, please give your full attention to meeting all playing and reporting obligations in a timely fashion. 


6/15/01 - Morris traded Jim Edmonds (4,B5-29.412M) to the Fleetwood Walkers for Fleetwood’s 2002 #1 Draft Pick, amateur Ryan Anderson (AM), Ricky Ledee (2,A3), and Lee Stephens (1,C2-3.003M). 

7/09/01 - Morris acquired catcher Greg Myers (1,D1-234K) from Ocala Ocelots for Myers 2001 salary. 

Team Highlights ??? after 140 games:

Homeruns – Barry Bonds 41         RBI’s – Barry Bonds 109

Stolen Bonds - Womack 55, 2B – Bonds 33, 3B – Womack 10

Team BA - .259, Team Homeruns - 200

With Bret Boone’s next Homerun, Morris will have 5 guys with 20 or more Homeruns.

Team ERA 5.69, Opponents – Homeruns 206

Most effective starter – Elmer Dessens 9 – 7, 4.59 ERA, Jesus Sanchez 9-12, 6.15 ERA 

Monarchs Under Construction? 

            Do the Monarchs have enough supporting cast to take advantage of the MVP years their star players Bret Boone and Barry Bonds are having.  At this point that is questionable.  Definitely need to add quality pitching.  Our prize pitchers are our amateurs.  Ismael Valdes is our lone, carded highlight for next year, and we would guess he would give us between 150 and 180 innings.  Brian Tollberg will be good for a limited time, and Elmer Dessens will give us a solid #4 or #5 starter and could win 12 games.  But after that we are looking at Kevin Jarvis and his5.++ ERA.  Our pitching is in sad shape.  We will be forced into focusing our attention on pitching during Free Agency and the draft. 

                    Batting wise, Boone and Bonds will get some support from Einar Diaz both at the plate and behind the plate.  Tim Salmon is having an off year in RF and although Brian Daubach is solid at 1B, he is only average – not great.  Herb Perry (3B) and Tony Womack (SS) will get playing time and we hope to maximize them for all their worth.  We will have to resign free agent Torii Hunter as our centerfielder.   

            So right now, we are pondering our future.  Do we try to fill in around Boone and Bonds?   Are do we trade Boone and Bonds and try to get a building process under way?  We will listen to offers for each of them as we consider our future.