January, 2001

National League News
by Lenny Luchtefeld

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1. Metropolis trades Columbus 2nd round pick and 1.6 million to Toledo for Carlos Pena and Alberto Castillo (pd).
2. North Georgia trades Eric Owens to Santa Barbara for Ron Coomer, Shane Spencer, and McKay Christensen.
3. Metropolis trades Ben Diggins to Ocala for Ocala's 7th round pick in 2002.
4. Cook County trades Pete Harnisch and $1,036,333 to Box City for Jay Buhner and Ed Sprague.
5. Metropolis trades the #17 and #90 overall picks in the upcoming draft, and John Mabry (pd) to Columbus for their #1 and #2 picks in 2002.
6. Ocala trades Russ Branyan, and Ocala's #2 in 2002 to Metropolis for Long Island's 1st round pick, and Columbus's, Fleetwood's, and Long Island's 4th round picks.
7. Cook County trades its #4 in 2002 to Glen Allen for Todd Pratt and Jose Vizcaino (paid).


2001 Brassball Draft 

The draft will be held Saturday February 3rd at 10:00 A.M. Eastern time.   Corey will send out the final draft grid after the 25th when all roster decisions are to be finalized. He will also update us on the 30 man protected rosters and who is unprotected.  AT NO TIME DURING THE DRAFT can you have more than 40 non-amateurs or 7 amateurs. Once you have your full compliment of 40 non-amateurs, you are not eligible to "pull back" any unprotected players, or cut and draft anyone else. 

The draft will be held in the chat room on our web site.  This method has worked very well for us.  The chat room method is exciting and keeps things moving on what is typically a very long day of  Strat. Here are the steps to enter the Brassball chat room:

1) Go to
2) Click on 'Chat Now' in the left window. The right window will refresh.
3) Click the 'Chat' button in the right window. A new window will open with all chat rooms listed, plus sections for Chat Room name, your name and your profile.
4) Scroll down the chat list and select 'BRASSball Baseball Chat'.
5) Type in your name. Your first name, team name or a combo will be enough. For those of you with the same first names, add the first letter of your last name or your team name. Enter the same information in the profile box.
6) Click the Enter Room. A new window will open for the chatroom. That should be it.

Corey will be holding two test runs before the draft. The dates and times tentatively scheduled are Tuesday, Jan 30 9:00 PM CST Friday, Feb 2 9:00 PM CST.

 Amateurs Cut

Rick Asadoorian--L. Island
Kevin Gibbs, Juan Pena--Gem City
Kyle Snyder, Jorge Toca--N. Georgia
BJ Garbe--Ocala
Mario Encarnacion--Bloomington
Ryan Bradley, Brandon Larson--Stanley
Steve Lomasney--Fleetwood
Jermaine Clark--Florida
Brent Butler, Junior Guerrero--Minnesota
Miguel Olivo--Queens
Alex Fernandez, TJ Tucker--Cook Co
Matt Riley--Iowa
Corey Myers--Plaza
Jason Grilli, Willie Martinez--Toledo
Esteban German--Santa Barb
Jake Esteves--St. Croix

New Owner

The vacant Queens franchise has a new General manager. Well, he’s not really new to our league.  Jack Howard, who resigned reluctantly last season when family and business obligations proved too hectic, is back with us. Jack is now in a much better position to carry out his league obligations, and is enthusiastic about returning to our league.
Jack has assumed the name of his former squad, the Morris Monarchs.