February, 2001

National League News
by Lenny Luchtefeld

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New Season About To Begin!

 The start of the 7th BRASSball season is about to begin.  The cards and CD-ROM are here.  Kevin and I are trying to get things ready for opening day, like the schedule, last minute ballpark information and the roster files.  I will be updating all the files needed and send them out shortly. 

All teams should be starting the process of getting set to begin the Brassball season next month.  We have a couple of new owners this upcoming year and we have some new rules that we voted in.  All of these changes will help to make BRASSball a better and more realistic league.  Here is a list of some of the new rules that will affect the teams during the season.

  1. NEWSLETTER SUBMISSIONS: We voted by a 13-9 margin to increase the number of articles an owner may author during the year, up to a maximum earnings amount of 3.6 million per year.  LD’s will not be paid for additional articles.  The Statistician may be compensated for one article during the year, and the WEBSITE Coordinator three articles.  All other positions may be compensated for up to 6 articles.

  2. TWO-YEAR CONTRACT PRICE: By a 16-6 margin, we voted to reduce the cost of a 2 year contract back to $500,000.  (Any 2 year deal signed immediately after the just completed BRASSball season will be credited with $500,000)  Any player beginning the 2nd year of a 2 year deal remains on a 2 year, 1 million dollar contract.  If such a player were dealt, the team trading the player would be entitled to reimbursement based on a $500,000 salary for the second year of the contract.

  3. CLOSER RULE: We elected to adopt the CLOSER Rule, 13-9.



  1. Minnesota sends Almanzar, Parris, Jas Johnson, Belinda, W Greene, Hutchinson, Restovich and the MIN #2 in 2003 to Metropolis for Jason Bere and Bobby Bonilla.

  2. Metropolis pays $2,000,000 to Gem City for Juan Cruz, Gem City #1 and #3 in 2003.

  3. Columbus trades Stan Javier to Metropolis for Travis Lee and Ramon Castro.

  4. Minnesota sends their 2002 5th round pick to Plaza for Tomas de la Rosa.

  5. Fleetwood pays $100,000 to Metropolis for Benard Gilkey.

  6. Ocala sends Joe Crede to Bloomington for Roger Clemens (contract paid).

  7. Box City trades Rob Ducey to Metropolis for $50,000.

  8. Stanley sends Brian Cooper and the Sioux’s 7th round pick in 2002 to Plaza for Frank Menechino and the Lions 6th round pick in 2002.

  9. Toledo trades Delino DeShields, Arthur Rhodes and $2.31M to Santa Barbara for Eric Owens  & $1,333,333 and Fernando Seguignol & $100k

  10. Box City trades John Burkett to Santa Barbara for $99,000.

  11. Metropolis pays $2,000,000 to Brooklyn for Matt Ginter, Brooklyn #1 and #3 in 2003 and Desi Relaford.

  12. Plaza trades Butch Huskey to Fleetwood for James Mouton Fleetwood’s 2002 5th Rd Pick and $100,000.

  13. Metropolis trades Wiki Gonzalez to Santa Barbara for $400k.


Secondary Free Agency 

The Secondary stage of the draft is now completed.  There wasn't a great deal of talent or help for this year out of this set of extra players selected in this year's rookie draft.

Six teams participated in the secondary free agency process. 13 players received bid’s this year. Wilton Veras received the highest bid at 130K minor league contract from Minnesota. .  The Mudcats were the big winners, signing 6 players.  2 players listed, after the e-mail correction, were not eligible. G. Lloyd did not receive a card and Travis Miller is owned by Bloomington. 

Here is a summary of the winning bids and by what teams.

Metropolis Trenidad Hubbard 1 month MTM $39,000
Metropolis Brian Hunter 2 months MTM $76,000
Metropolis Dan Serafini 1 month MTM $36,000
Box City Sean Bergman   MO $100,000
Box City Alex Cabrera   MO $100,000
Minnesota Wilton Veras   MO $130,000
Minnesota Emil Brown   MO $125,000
Minnesota FP Santangelo   MO $120,000
Minnesota Darren Bragg   MO $105,000
Minnesota Jamie Arnold   MO $110,000
Minnesota Brant Brown   MO $105,000
Morris Jeff Brantley   MO $100,000
Morris Gary Bennett   MO $107,000

Upcoming Deadlines

March 15
  • Trade deadline for April Games
March 25
  • Contract signings for any MO, MA or MTM players that will be on your active roster.
  • Road instructions due out to April opponents.
  • Starting pitcher rotations are due to your league director.
  • Newsletters, if any, due to your LD.