August, 2001

National League News
by Lenny Luchtefeld

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Upcoming Administrative Changes

            I have been a member of this league since it’s initial draft in 1995.  In November 1998 I took over as Co-League Director with Kevin to help out with the administrative duties of the league.  I must say, my time as an LD has been a time of learning.  I have also had a lot of fun and excitement during my time.  One of the benefits to the LD job is, I get a chance to communicate with all of you more often.  I want to thank all of you for helping me when I asked for information and setting me straight when I made a mistake.  I hope I haven’t made too many. As you have already heard, there will be 2 new LD’s in Brassball starting September 25th. Corey and Mark will assume the reigns of this fine league at the end of the season.

            When I was in the process of talking to Kevin about the undertaking of becoming an LD, I had lots of ideas about our league converting over from paper mailings to using the web site for information and for accessing forms.  Brian Budzyn, who runs the web site, and I spent many hours trying to think of ways we could make the web site work for us, make the league less expensive to run and get the information out to you sooner.  I think we accomplished all of those objectives. We also made the conversion from sending paper stats through the mail to using centralized stats.  Now we e-mail the information to each other and the new stats and rosters are ready for our use shortly after the 15th of each month during the season. I think the transition overall has went very smoothly.  I know there were bumps along the way but we seemed to get through all of them very well. 

            I never realized what an undertaking it was to get all this information at the end of each month and put it into a newsletter.  I have to applaud Kevin for all of his efforts to make this league run so well.  I have a tough enough time just doing half of the league reports and he did them all for years by himself.  Kevin has been tireless in his efforts to make this one of the best PBM leagues anywhere to be found.  I believe Kevin and I have worked very well together over the past couple of years.  Even though we are division rivals and it seems like one of us is in contention each year, we managed to put the league ahead of our own agenda’s.  I want to thank Kevin for all he has taught me and I consider it an honor to have worked with him over the past few years.

            I also want to thank Mark Lentz, Corey Weisser, Dave Little, and Vaughn Nuest for all of their efforts.  These guys are part of the administrative team and help make the league run smooth. Every undertaking they have been involved in has been done perfectly.  Gentlemen it has been a privilege to work with you over the last few years.

            I expect the transition from Kevin and me to Corey and Mark to be smooth and seamless.  I look for next year and the seasons beyond to be even better.  Mark and Corey have new ideas and new energy to bring to the league.  We have a solid constitution from which to work from and the league can build on it with Mark and Corey’s direction.  I believe that Corey and Mark already are working to streamline some of the current processes to benefit everyone. 

            In recent months, I have found myself with less and less time to devote to the league administrative duties.  The effort I have put out lately is not what I would like it to be.  I have 4 children, I work a job that takes at least 60 hours a week, drive 70 miles to and from work a day and then I have to find time to relax and enjoy this hobby that I love so much.  The opportunity to make a double LD transition presented itself and I believe it is time for the league to make a complete change at the top.  I know that all of you will give Corey and Mark the same respect and courtesy that you gave Kevin and me.  It is time for a change. “Without change, we would never have progress”.     

NL Notes

Coming into the final month of the season, the teams seem to be set for the playoffs.  Only the NL Central division title and which Wildcard team, Fleetwood or Columbus, will finish with a better record seems to be the only unanswered questions.

Ocala is sailing along with a 43 game lead and the best record in the NL.  Ocala made a big serge this month with 25 wins. The Ocelots appear to be peaking at the right time.

Stanley stays in control of the Central and extends their lead to 5 game lead over Fleetwood.  The Walkers moved back into 2nd place all alone after last month falling to 3rd.  Columbus had a tough month and now find themselves looking up at 2 teams in the division. The Buckeyes and Walkers are in the playoffs at least as the Wildcard participants. It should be an interesting month in the Central division.

Glen Allen gained 4 games in the standings and now has a 7 game lead over  Long Island. The Tigers moved ahead of Wauwatosa by 1 game this month.  Wauwatosa falls to 8 games back and could make some noise but they have 2 teams to jump over to get there.


Ocala sells TJ Mathews to Wauwatosa for $15,000.

Bloomington sells Alan Mills and Dan Wheeler to Wauwatosa for $35,000

Fleetwood sells OF Raul Ibanez to Wauwatosa  for $500,000.

Box City sells Brant Brown to Wauwatosa for 10,000.

Stanley sends Kevin Barker to Racine for 20k. 

Contract Signings 

Bloomington signs Travis Miller (M0-2), Paul Wilson (M0-2), Geraldo Guzman (M0-1), Vicente Padilla (M0-1) and John Frascatore (M0-1) contracts.
Stanley signs Gil Meche MO-2, Julio Zuleta MO-1 and Frank Menechino MO-2 contracts.
North Georgia signs Gagne MO-3, Spencer MO-2, Stull MO-1, Canizaro MO-3, Maxwell MO-1 Josh Paul MO-1 and Valdes MO-3 to call-ups.
Wauwatosa signs Jarrod Wasburn, Ramon Ortiz, Chris Richard and Scott Sheldon to MO-3, Raul Ibanez MO-2 Mathews MO-1 and Brant Brown MO-1.
Long Island signs Anderson MO-1, Nicholson MO-1, Meyers MO-1 and Dehaan MO-1 contracts.

Columbus signs C. Moeller MO-1, J. Rollins MO-1, B. McMillon MO-2 and P. Valdes MO-1 contracts.
Metropolis signs Belinda, Sikorski, Branyan and Franco to MO-1 contracts and Bragg, Hubbard, Hunter and Reboulet to MTM contracts.