First  Time

This is the first time I authored anything for Our newsletter.  But after receiving My newsletter yesterday, it was also the first time I believe I’ve been in first place this late (ok it’s only half a season) in Our season.

While this certainly didn’t appear to be the best BRASS team that I have fielded over the years, I’m glad to say they are performing well enough to have accomplished this feat.  A 43-41 record hmmmm.  That is why I’m writing this article now. Things change.

Royce Clayton is leading the way for Racine with what appears to be a career year.  Others on the team, Mientkiewicz, Grudzy, White & Eckstein have been steady performers.

Racine Management is trying to look into the future.  The longer term signings of Mient, Eckstein, Mays & Radke prove that.  But as in the past, when we have taken that step, lo & behold the injury bug shows up.  Ditto as Mays & Radke are having problems for 03’ already.

Eckstein, Encarnacion, & Moss are some of the “scrappers” that We are also trying to build on.

The team is hitting a respectable . 279 with VERY little power. But We manage to……………….

WAIT:::::::::: In fact as I am writing this, ( Not even July 1st yet)  I receive the news flash from Ocala………They have just swept Us in a 4 game series,

My record is now 43-45………Oh well!!    See Ya.