March 2002
Newsletter #5


The official newsletter of the Santa Barbara Outlaws

New Home:

After seven seasons playing in Santa Barbara’s Oceanfront Stadium, the Outlaws will open the 2002 season in a new home.  On April 1st, 2002, the Outlaws will play their home opener in Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium.  The Outlaws will need to promote good pitching and defense instead of waiting for Mo Vaughn's three-run homer. 

Recent Trades:

1.        The Outlaws traded Tim Salmon (2,B4-$12.5M) to Box City for the Parcelmen’s third round pick.

2.        The Outlaws traded Rey Ordonez (1,B4-$5M) to Gem City for Adam Kennedy (2,A2).

3.        The Outlaws traded Chin-Feng Chen (AM) to Metropolis to trade up to the first overall pick in the 2002 draft.  With the first overall pick, the Outlaws selected shortstop Juan Uribe from Colorado.

Recent Spring Training Injuries:

1.        Wilson Alvarez is recovering from liposuction and will miss the entire season.

2.        Mo Vaughn is recovering from a torn biceps muscle and will miss the entire season.

Projected Opening Day lineup for April 2002:

1 Jacque Jones CF
2 Brent Abernathy 2B
3 Raul Mondesi RF
4 Garret Anderson LF
5  Robert Fick 1B
6 Carl Everett DH
7 Aaron Boone 3B
8 Juan Uribe SS
9 Ben Petrick CA

Others who will be pushing for playing time:

Michael Barrett (CA), Geoff Blum (UIF), Todd Hollandsworth (OF), and Adam Kennedy (2B)

Projected Pitching Staff:

SP1 Bartolo Colon CL Robb Nen
SP2 Shane Reynolds SET Byung-Hyun Kim
SP3 Matt Clement MID Danny Graves
SP4 Doug Davis
SP5 Roy Halladay

Others who should help out this year:

Darren Dreifort, Chris George, and Tomo Ohka