The offical magazine of the St Croix Rivermen

July 2001                                                                                       $4.50

Hudson - Congratulations Rivermen fans, you shattered the single-game attendance record in July.  In a game versus North Georgia on the 12th over 50,600 were in attendance.  The team went on to have a winning record for the month too and closed the gap in the division race.  This is uncharted water for the team and we hope you continue to support the team in their drive for a playoff spot.  The club would also like to thank all those who helped clean up after the North American Turkey Producers Convention.  The bullpen area may never be the same, but thank you anyway.   

Loose Cannon...I tell it like it is.

After taking some heat this week on my radio show over comments in last weeks edition of Riverways, I want to clear up the matter.  I wasn’t throwing in the towel, just merely saying this team is not a playoff team unless the pitching and certain nameless bats, like Fred McGriff, but not necessarily Fred McGriff, improve and or show up to play.  Hey, the team played great ball in July.  They won every home series, nay for the last one versus Ocala, which was really ugly, by the way.  Me thinks this is a prelude to a bad August, but again I could be wrong.  The hated Mudcats are in town in the second week, which looks to be the highlight of the coming stretch.  If, and only if, they win that series, will they have a shot at an October appearance.  So far versus contending teams, it hasn’t been pretty.   The bullpen is all but used up, many with ERAs near 6.00, except for Isringhausen.  He claims it’s due to a high cholesterol, low protein diet he found.  Check out this weird stat a fan sent in...the club is 11-1 on days that soy bean prices rise exactly three cents.  The one loss came on the day the concessions vendor ran out of soy burgers in the 3rd inning.  That inning, Ocala’s J.D Drew hit a homer to bust the game wide open.  Never, ever run out of soy burgers again!        

Quotes of the week - “He come crashing through the barricades, kicking and charging.   He busted up the pretzel guy’s cart, run over two kids and slashed this tall usher that was in the way.  He was hurt real bad.  Then he crashed through the glass window near the souvenir stand.  Finally they shot him.”  Ole Tollefson describing the wild bull incident at last months livestock show prior to a game.

“Shut up!” Fred McGriff when asked about where he’s been offensively the last two months.                                                                                                             Autographs!

                                                                                                                At Dicky Nixon’s

                                                                                                               on Third Street

                                                                                                        Replacing Fred McGriff

                                                                                                           Come see Luis Alicea

                                                                                                     on Sat August25th at 1 pm