The offical magazine of the St Croix Rivermen

June 2001                                                                                       $4.50

Hudson - The Rivermen’s performance this year has brought record crowds and a near riot at the Super 8 down the street from the ballpark.  Though visiting teams no longer have to walk to the park like in the inaugural season, they are met with jeers and the occasional fruit or vegetables being thrown at them.  No one will ever forget the Rusty Greer beaning and the melee that ensued.  This is what happens when a team wins.  Enthusiasm is at an all time high and as the NL West enters town next month, it’s time to turn it up a notch.  The entire team would like to thank everyone for their compliance with safety in and around the ballpark.  Congrats!  Only two tractor accidents in June with only minor injuries!!   Look for expanded farm machinery parking next season. 

Loose Cannon...I tell it like it is.

With the entire division at or over .500 on the season, it looks like another year to looking forward to the draft.  The Rivermen (42-42) are in last place again.  The bright spots are the fine seasons Manny Ramirez(.280 27 HRs), Johnny Damon(.308), Ben Grieve(.329 19 HRs), and Kevin Millwood(11-3) are having.  I blame the pitching...well, the pitching and the disappearance of Fred McGriff...ok, the pitching, McGriff and the massive fine incurred by the team.  Mishandling of players, negotiating with unsigned high schoolers and the bad investment in the Carrot-on-a-stick idea.  Millions lost on that one.  The team is hitting .272, but pitching at a 4.82 clip with only 24 saves in 39 opportunities.   My Les Straker.  Nice guy, but not a very good pitching coach.  Ok, it’s already starting.  This week I received the first roadkill in my mailbox.  In it’s poor, little, crushed appendage a simple poignant note...”Mudcats Rule.”  We’ll have to see about that.

Quote of the week - “It’s weird you know?  In the minors it’s usually in a rural setting and you get used that, but here everything’s like it’s exaggerated...kind of like a cartoon.  We’ve all seen the scoreboard here on ESPN and you laugh that you can see out-of-town scores and that pork bellies we’re down four cents today.  What gets you is the farm equipment, animals, the smell, everyone has like eight or nine kids, the Amish speaking German to you at autograph sessions.   It’s like being on crack or something...not that I’ve ever tried that.”  Kyle Farnsworth when asked about playing for the St Croix Rivermen.

     Upcoming Events                                                                                 Autographs!
July 7th - Farmers-tan contest night                                                    At Dicky Nixon’s
July 31st - Livestock show prior to game
                                                 on Third Street
                                                                                                                   See Sal Fasano
                                                                                                                   on Sat. July 14th