Hope for all new owners? 

Edited version compliments of the Stanley USA Today.
Stanley, ND: 

Okay readers - what do the following two theoretical Brassball rosters have in common? 

Team #1 Team #2
OF Ichiro Suzuki OF - Chris Singleton
OF Carlos Beltran OF - Brant Brown
OF/IF Albert Pujols OF Adam Piatt
1B/DH Brian Daubach 3B Mike Lamb
SP Mark Mulder 3B Wilton Veras
SP Roy Oswalt 1B Fernando Seguignol
SP Tim Hudson 2B Carlos Febles
SP Joe Mays IF Andy Fox
SP Barry Zito 2B Warren Morris
SP A.J. Burnett SP Ryan Rupe
SP Mark Redman SP Masato Yoshii
SS Carlos Guillen SP Carlton Loewer

About the only thing that appears to be in common would be that each team contains 12 players.  The correct answer to what they do have in common is that all players selected on the above rosters were selected in the past three years of Brassball drafts.... And all players were selected in the first round!  Team #1 would be quite competitive in 2001, while team #2 would lose more than their share of games.  This goes to show how important that first round selection can be to an owner.  To view the various years and teams whom selected each player see the end of the article for a chart. 

OK - so why is the title of this article "hope for all new owners"?  I wanted to see if a competitive team could have been drafted without the benefit of first round picks (in case your newly inherited team doesn't have a first rounder..... or just for the sake of argument).  Here is a breakdown of players/team that would make most owners proud in 2001.  This team could have been drafted in the past 3 seasons without a first round pick.  This list makes no attempt to assign past or future value of players (i.e. no amateurs who have yet to be carded are included; also year 2000 or 1999 statistics were not relevant), but rather only shows that a very good team can be made in a short amount of time through the draft.  I'm sure I've missed a player or two.... No offense meant to any owners where I've not mentioned players throughout the article.  And of course no offense to anyone who drafted a player in the first round that hasn't yet panned out.  The Stanley Sioux have admittedly missed their share of first round opportunities. 

Other Rounds
SP Mark Buehrle, #41/2nd 2001, Bloomington
SP Joel Pineiro, #43/2nd 2001, Stanley
RP Scott Strickland, #59/3rd 2001, St. Croix
IF/OF Jose Macias, #82/Bonus 2001, Gem City
2B Frank Menechino, #179/7th 2001, Plaza
SS Jimmy Rollins (AM), #47/2nd 2000 Columbus
OF Adam Dunn (AM), #69/3rd 2000 Plaza
SP Paul Abbott, #74/3rd 2000 Minnesota
RP Jason Grimsley, #81/3rd 2000 Cook County
SP/RP Sean Lowe, #97/4th 2000 Florida
OF Juan Pierre, #129/5th 2000 Brooklyn
C Paul LoDuca #135/5th 2000 Stanley
SS Julio Lugo #166/6th 2000 Cook County
RP Kazahiro Sasaki #177/7th 2000 Brooklyn
RP Jeff Nelson, #217/9th 2000 Florida
RP Jose Mesa, #240/10th 2000 Florida
RP Octovio Dotel #33/2nd 1999 St. Croix
OF Trot Nixon #40/2nd 1999 Glen Allen
RP Kyle Farnsworth #60/3rd 1999 St. Croix
OF Preston Wilson #74/3rd 1999 Bloomington
SP Jason Johnson #81/3rd 1999 Minnesota
2B Alfonso Soriano #109/4th 1999 Wauwatosa
RP Antonio Alfonseca #123/5th 1999 Plaza
SS Christian Guzman #125/5th 1999 Minnesota
RP David Weathers #158/6th 1999 Mexicali
SP Ryan Dempster #160/6th 1999 Cook County
SP Randy Wolf #171/7th 1999 Columbus
SP C.C. Sabathia #204/7th 1999 Bloomington
2B Luis Rivas #229/8th 1999 Mexicali


1st Round (team 2)
Chris Singleton, #4 2000 Racine
Ryan Rupe, #14 2000 Hessville
Adam Piatt (AM), #18 2000 Santa Barbara
Mike Lamb (AM), #22 2000 Columbus
Wilton Veras, #23 2000 Bloomington
Carlos Febles, #8 1999 Stanley
Masato Yoshii #9 1999 Racine
Andy Fox #13 1999 Arizona
Fernando Seguignol #14 1999 Santa Barbara
Warren Morris #17 1999 Santa Barbara
Carlton Loewer #24 1999 Cook County
Brant Brown #27 1999 Bloomington (Comp)

1st Round (team 1)
Ichiro, #4, 2001 Bloomington
Mark Redman, #5 2001, Wauwatosa
Roy Oswalt #13 2001, Ocala
Albert Pujols #23 2001 Glen Allen
Tim Hudson, #1 2000 Florida
Joe Mays, #13 2000 Minnesota
Brian Daubach, #8 2000 Monroeville
Barry Zito #30 2000 Glen Allen
Carlos Beltran #2 1999 Columbus
A.J. Burnett #20 1999 River Bend
Mark Mulder #21 1999 Wauwatosa
Carlos Guillen #23 1999 Long Island