The Great Equalizer

Comerica is simply an amazing diminisher for powerful teams.  Thus far this season opponents have had 86 opportunities to hit homeruns and have hit two off the card due to ballpark effects.  This works out to be an amazing equalizer, as in an average Brassball ballpark the results would have been approximately 48 homeruns hit.  These additional 46 homeruns would have raised the opponent’s runs per game a minimum of one run per game and most certainly have cost my totally marginal team eight victories.  For those of you who would play devils advocate, the ballpark has certainly cost the Mudhens some homeruns also, as evidenced by Sheffield’s meager homerun total, but in reality the ballpark has seen only 26 opportunities (2 cleared the fence) for homeruns for Toledo.  This is primarily the resultant of the general lack of power throughout the lineup.  The Strat cards themselves tend to allow this advantage as powerful hitters lose homeruns and ultimately some batting average as their results are constantly being held back with the lack of big flies.  The converse is also true, average hitters improve slightly as more singles, doubles and triples occur than in the average Major League or Brassball ballpark.  Ultimately, little ball keeps you in games unless you run into a juggernaut such as Cook County, that series was truly ugly, but I’m proud to say my ballpark cost Kevin an amazing twelve homeruns in just four games.  Of course his mighty sluggers pummeled my miserable pitching anyway and his Cy Young’s’ annihilated my slap hitters, but the point is still the same, as I would most likely still be playing the games, if not for the friendly confines of Comerica.