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Dateline – February 7 

The Morris Monarchs Are Back In Town (The League) 

            A couple weeks prior to the BRASSball draft Morris Monarch owner, Jack Howard, contacted BRASSball league executive Kevin Kolb regarding potential openings in the league.  Unaware of any vacant teams, Howard simply asked that if the league would consider him for re-entry as team owner and manager when a team became available.  After a couple of emails, Kolb offered the Queens’ Kings franchise to Howard.  Howard quickly accepted and was pleased to see the team was in pretty good shape line-up wise.  The franchise was renamed the Morris Monarchs, Howard’s prior entry’s name.  Howard accepted the team to late to make any pre-draft deals, but is ready and willing to go to the table with each and every one of you.


Come and Get Them - Everyone is Available 

            While Morris offers a competitive team this year, Hog believes he can make the team better long term through trading.  Hog stated, “We do not have any untouchables.”  However, we do not plan on being stupid.  We will not trade just to trade.  We are looking to improve the team.  So when you ask about one of our players, we will expect fair value offered in return.  We are also not afraid of doing big mega player deals and plan on at least one blockbuster deal by the start of the season.  Drop us a line with your offers, desires, etc.


Morris’s 2001 Player Draft 

            The Morris Monarchs under the direction of their owner, Jack Howard, and general managers Hog “Wheeler-Dealer” Howard and Joseph “I want to be just like Nomar” GarciaHoward participated in the February 3, 2001 BRASSball Player Draft conducted by Corey “Wisefellow” Weisser.  The Morris GMs were disappointed that they did not get their top amateur choices – Joe Borchard and Jon Rauch.  However, they survived.  Hog issued the following statement on Morris’s draft results. 

            It was evident that the Morris GMs were not prepared for the draft when they switched to Lamanna’s draft guide hours before the draft.  Hog stated he was unable to prepare his normal high quality draft guide by the start of the draft and resorted to reviewing Lamanna’s suggestions.  In so doing the Monarchs took Brain Tollberg of San Diego with the eighth pick of the draft.  Tollberg has a solid card for this year making him a worthy pick.  Tollberg gives the Monarchs 18 to 20 potential quality starts.  However, Hog soon was kicking his own @$$ shortly after the pick when he realized he had overlooked comeback pitcher Paul Wilson of Tampa Bay.  While Wilson is a gamble and would not have provided the Monarchs as many starts, he is a Monarch fan favorite.  Hog recovered from his own beating in time to take starting pitcher Elmer Dessens and third baseman Chris Truby in the second round, probably the best carded players available at that time.  The Monarchs took pitching early and often, trying to overcome their pitching deficiencies.  Morris was surprised and pleased to get Osvaldo Fernandez.  The Monarchs claimed another Morris fan favorite – Jason Conti, reserve outfielder for Arizona.  GarciaHoward said we may have take Conti early, but we have lost out on him before and we really wanted him, especially after losing out on Borchard.  We have seen Conti play in the minors and met him after the game.  He is a welcome addition to the Morris locker- room. 

            Morris concluded the draft by picking its 3 amateurs, Mark Prior (USC pitcher), Josh Karp (UCLA pitcher), and Dewon Brazelton (Middle Tennessee State pitcher).  All three are virtual unknowns in BRASSball at this time, but the three are the top rated college pitchers in this years MLB draft.  They pitched for team USA last summer.  Brazelton beat Cuba’s national team twice and led the team in ERA.  They each have the potential of being the next Kris Benson or Mark Mulder.  Hog said we may have to wait an extra year with these guys, but they will be worth the wait.


Focus – Who Are We? 

            Owner Jack Howard and Hog “Wheeler-Dealer” Howard are one-and-the same.  Jack has been playing Strat-O-Matic baseball since his freshman year in college.  Looking back at his college experience, he wonders how he ever got a degree since he devoted so much time to Strat.  That was 32 years ago, and having turned 50 this year, he figures he is to old to be playing such a game, as does his wife.  However, he still enjoys the challenges and game playing only Strat can satisfy.

            Joseph GarciaHoward is Jack’s 11-year-old son and major league player want-to-be.  He has been a Little League All-Star each of the last five years.  His primary position is shortstop, however he moved to catcher 2 years ago.  As a sixth grader this year he earned the starting right field job on the school’s eighth grade team.  Joe has good hands and range.  His arm is above average as is his speed.  As a batter, Joe hits the ball well with power.  He is taking professional batting lessons to enhance his swing.  He loves the challenge of sports, especially baseball, but he has a fault - he hates to lose.  He practices four hours a day; everyday he can get outside.