Jim Liesenfelt
West Melbourne, FL


1995, I think that was the last time I had a winning season

Played SOM in middle school and then dropper it. Picked it back up in college and played in the face-to-face version of BRASSball with Vaughn Nuest, Kevin Kolb and Keith Koszut. I then migrated to BRASSball play-by-mail before moving to BRASS league.

Hessville is the name of the neighborhood that I grew up in Hammond, Indiana. Everreadys was the name of my grandpa's neighborhood baseball team growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Palace in the Pasture was the nickname of our Government Center where I worked for a time. It was located in themiddle of nowhere, but now it's becoming surrounded by development, including the Nationals' spring home, Space Coast Stadium.

Transit Director of Space Coast Area Transit, Brevard County, Florida

Happily married to Holly, a fellow Hoosier and Hessvillian, since 1993

Jamie, Tracy, John, Kelly, and Peter

Picking up, cleaning and yard work. Hobbies that I enjoy are reading, soccer, beer (I'm a beer god at and running (it allows me to have beer)

I have no choice, I was born into it -- the World Series champion Chicago White Sox -- it feels great to say that.

Don't really have one at the present -- I like Dontrelle Willis, Aaron Rowand and Joe Crede. I don't qualify any of them as favorite. I like Frank Thomas a lot, too. Pete Rose used to be my all-time favorite, until well--you know.

Boy, I have a ton of favorite memories. Listening to my grandpa talking about the old days of Comiskey Park (he started attending games there in 1910), my days of roaming through Comiskey in the 1980s (I used to go to about 12 games per year from 1983 to 1987), I was at the Cubs-Phillies 23-22 game in 1979, having beer thrown on me by the bleacher bums at Wrigley another time, not having seen the Cubs win a game since 1978, playing Strat with Vaughn at Wrigley, seeing the epic extra-inning game between the Reds and Mets in 1986, my first spring training game in St. Petersburg with my grandpa in 1983, teaching the game of baseball to Lars from Stockholm at a Braves' spring training game, having a ball with a season-ticket holding Astros' fan dentist at Enron Field (when I told my wife about the game, she asked what the guy's name was. I didn't know, it never came up), spring training fun (Cecil Fielder putting the moves on my wife, sitting behind John Henry in Jupiter, seeing Dick Vitale and Jesse Jackson in teh same weekend, any game at Vero Beach, skipping work for day baseball anytime we want, me and my dog meeting Darryl Strawberry), and my wife having a running conversation with Tommy Lasorda during a Brevard County Mantaees game in 1995.

My all-tine favorite memory took place on October 26, 2005. During the stretch run and playoffs, my family banned me from wearing any White Sox paraphernalia since I am bad luck. So I had to resort to wearing white socks every day to show my support. Try that while you are wearing dark suits! Plus it turned to this elaborate ceremony where the socks had to be removed during the pre-game, but only when Joe Buck was speaking. Basically, I ended up watching the games while barefoot. Moments after Uribe threw out Palmeiro my phone rang, it was my sister in London who simply said, "You can put on your hat." Only then did I realize that four generations of our family (none of whom were in Chicago that night) spent 88 years waiting for that moment.