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    February, 1995            

1.                  Arlington trades picks #662, 710, 758, 806, and $100,000 to Secaucus for picks #660, 708, 756 and 804.

2.                  Blind Lemons trade pick #721 to Bloomington for $500,000

3.                  Secaucus trades picks #877, 900, 925 and 948 to Bloomington for $502,000

4.                  Long Island trades Terry Pendleton to Richmond Madhatters for Pick #588 (Espinoza) and $1,000,000.

5.                  Long Island trades S. Fletcher to Bloomington for $100,000

6.                  Santa Monica traded Ramon Martinez to SoCal for John Burkett, $1,750,000 and SoCal's #1, #6 in 1996 draft

7.                  SoCal traded Jim Edmonds to Richmond Madhatters for Spike Owen

8.                  SoCal traded Dwight Smith, Chris Jones and SoCal #3 in 1996 to Richmond for $500,000 and the Madhatters #3 in 1996

9.                  Santa Monica traded Brian Jordan to Richmond for Thomas Howard and $2,000,000

10.              Santa Monica traded Greg Swindell to Poway for Woody Williams, Jamie Navarro and $3,500,000

11.              Santa Monica traded Rickey Henderson and Chris Gwynn to Florida for Kirk Gibson, $4,000,000 and Florida's 1996 #5

12.              Richmond traded its 96 #1 to St. Lucie for Heathcliff Slocumb

13.              Richmond traded Jim Edmonds to the Blind Lemons for Michael Tucker

14.              Richmond traded Jim Eisentrich to Secaucus for Darnell Coles and Tony Tarasco

March, 1995

15.              Florida trades Jack Morris, Jose Silva and Florida's 1996 #1 to Santa Monica for John Burkett

16.              Florida trades its 1996 #6 to Poway for E. Beltre

17.              Madhatters trade Fernando Vina and $250,000 to Long Island for Dave Gallagher and Alvar Espinoza

18.              Cook County trades Mark Clark, Jose Hernandez and it's 1996 #4 to Florida for Bret Boone and Dave Stewart

19.              Richmond Madhatters trade Tony Tarasco, Darnell Coles, Richmond's 1996 #2 and $250,000 to Santa Monica for Kirk Gibson and Florida Aces 1996 #5.

20.              Emerald City traded Mark Acre and $100,000 to Florida for Roger McDowell and Doug Milton

21.              Cook County trades it's 1996 #6 pick to Wauwatosa for Juan Bell

22.              Cook County trades Juan Bell to Arlington for Tim Hulett

May, 1995

23.              Long Island traded its 1996 #3 to Poway for Craig Shipley

24.              Long Island traded Gary Varsho and $1,000,000 to Crown Point for Shane Mack

25.              Long Island traded Brian Williams, its 1997 #4, #5 and $350,000 to Florida for Mark Clark

26.              Naptown Blind Lemons traded Joe Hesketh and Scott Livingstone to Box City for steve Buechele

27.              Nome traded Steve Ontiveros to Box City for Paul Wagner and its 1996 #3

28.              Crarlevoix traded Bo Jackson and John Dettmer to Box City for Darren Hall

29.              Bloomington traded Bob Hamelin to Richmond for Rondell White

30.              Bloomington acquired Harold Reynolds from Tolar for $150,000

June, 1996

31.              Charlevoix traded Rico Brogna, Shawon Dunston and Terrell Wade to Richmond for Kirk Gibson, Chris Gomez and Josias Manzanillo

32.              Cook County trades Jim Abbott to Charlevoix for Pete Schourek and its 1996 #1

33.              Richmond trades Chili Davis and Junior Ortiz to Nashville for Marc Newfield, Jason Isringhausen, Mark Parent and Nelson Liriano

34.              Santa Barbara trades Felix Jose to East Indy for Kevin Young, $500,000 and its 1996 #3

35.              Richmond trades Darren Daulton, Brian Jordan, Greg Colbrunn, Dwight Smith, Matt Nokes, Mark Guthrie and SoCal's 1996 #3 to Naptwon for Moises Alou, Mike Stanley and Yorkis Perez

36.              Richmond trades Moises Alou and Frank Castillo to Hessville for Larry Walker and Tim Laker

37.              Cook County trades Danny Tartabull and Don Slaught to Arlington for Todd Hollandsworth, Scott Hemond and Arlington's 1996 #1, 2, 3

38.              Richmond trades Bob Hamelin, Rick Helling and its 1997 #1 to Arlington for Ryan Klesko and Bill Hasselman

39.              Emerald City trades John Hudek and $1,000,000 to Richmond for March Newfield and Michael Tucker

40.              Cook County trades Brent Gates, Cliff Floyd, Trevor Wilson, John Patterson and its 1996 #5 to Poway for Carlos Baerga and Marquis Grissom

41.              Charlevoix trades Tim Wakefield and its 1996 #3 to Richmond for John Hudek and its 1996 #5

42.              Richmond trades Eddie Williams and Glenn Williams to Secaucus for Robb Nen and $1,000,000

43.              Richmond trades Doug Drabek to Socal for Hideo Nomo, Bob Welch and Lonnie Smith

44.              Nashville trades JT Snow to Richmond for Rico Brogna

45.              Box City trades Randy Tomlin to Long Island for $200,000

July, 1995

46.              Box City trades its 1996 #1 to Poway for Charlie Hayes and its 1996 #2

47.              Racine trades John Johnstone to Cook County for $102,000

48.              Richmond trades Yorkis Perez to Naptown for Mark Guthrie, Socal 1996 #3 and $300,000

49.              Crown Point trades Andres Galarraga and Ellis Burks to Richmond for Jim Bullinger, Jason Isringhausen and Terry Pendleton

50.              Naptown trades Shawn Green, John Jaha and Rich Amaral to Secaucus for Gary Gaetti, Rey Sanchez and $100,000

51.              Richmond trades Ellis Burks, Charlevoix 1996 #3 and $500,000 to SoCal for Jason Bates

52.              Richmond trades Jason Bates to Crown Point for Billy Wagner and $2,000,000

53.              Box City trades Jeromy Burnitz to Charlevoix for $1,000,000

August, 1995

54.              Cook County trades Phil Planier to Arlington for Salomon Torres, Albie Lopez and Willie McGee.

55.              Arlington trades Eric Karros to Richmond for Andres Galarraga

56.              Charlevoix trades $300,000 to Naptown for Chris Sabo

57.              Charlevoix trades Doc Gooden to Nashville for $300,000

September, 1995

58.              Cook County trades Bret Boone, Kevin Brown, Pat borders, Todd Hollandsworth, Charlevoix 1996 #1, Arlington 1996 #1 to Bloomington for Mike Piazza

59.              Nome trades Aaron Sele, Jose Malave, Eddie Guardado, Nome 1996 #3 and $500,000 to Cook County for Pete Schourek

60.              Santa Monica trades its 1996 #1, 4, Socal 1996 #1, Ricmond 1996 #2 and Darryl Hamilton to Poway for Dante Bichette, Kenny Rogers, Todd Stottlemyre, Don Mattingly and Poway 1996 #6

61.              Poway sends Mark Carreon to Box City to $200,000

62.              Secaucus trades Jerome Walton to Box City for $200,000

63.              Toldar sends Mariano Duncan and Shawn Boskie to Box City for Paul Shuey and $200,000

64.              Box City trades Derek Lee and Poway 1996 #2 to Charlevoix for Joe Carer

65.              Cook County trades Kevin Jarvis and James Baldwin to Nashville for Jose Rijo and $1,200,000

66.              Poway trades Cook County 1996 #5 and $100,000 to Santa Monica for Turk Wendell

67.              Santa Monica trades CPC #1 to Crown Point for Walt Weiss and $2,000,000

68.              Richmond trades JT Snow, Shane Reynolds, Nelson Liriano and John Doherty to East Indy for Bobby Bonilla, Jeffrey Hammonds, Troy Percival and CJ Nitkowski

69.              Richmond trades Chris Hammond, Bobby Bonilla and Mark Parent to Charlevoix for Pedro J. Martinez, Jeff Kent and Rafael Belliard

70.              Richmond trades CJ Nitkowski to Crown Point for Butch Huskey

71.              Richmond trades Tim Wakefield, Jeffrey Hammonds and Billy Wagner to Nashville for Randy Johnson

72.              Richmond trades Jeff Kent to St. Lucie for Bobby Abreu and Jeff Suppan

73.              Cook County trades Willie McGee to Naptwon for Tim Pugh, Dwight Smith and $50,000

74.              Richmond trades Randy Johnson to Emerald City for Bobby Jones and Ben Grieve

75.              Santa Monica trades David Bell to Minnesota for Pedro Astacio and $2,000,000

76.              Santa Monica trades Woody Williams and Jamie Navarro to Nashville for Alex Fernandez, Mike Perez, Arqi Pozo and $1,600,000

77.              Nome trades its 1996 #1 and Juan Guzman to Crown Point for John Burkett and Tony Eusebio

78.              Nome trades Cecil Fielder and Stan Javier to Santa Monica for David Howard, Joe Orsulak and Don Mattingly

79.              Richmond trades Robb Nen and Alvaro Espinoza to Emerald City for Sterling Hitchcock

80.              East Indy trades $100,000 to Naptown for Jeff Tabaka

81.              Santa Monica trades Jose Silva and $100,000 to Poway for Mike Williams

82.              Richmond trades Butch Huskey, Heathcliff Slocumb and Socal 1996 #3 to East Indy for Jeff Brantley and their 1996 #1

83.              Richmond trades Bobby Jones, Devon White, Gerald Williams and Jeff Brantley to Nashville for Jamie Navarro and their 1996 #1, 3

84.              Richmond trades Bobby Abreu and Terrell Wade to Crown Point for Rickey Henderson

85.              Crown Point trades Todd Hundley, Mike Maddux, Nome 1996 #1 and $3,000,000 to Richmond for Tim Laker and Johnny Damon

86.              East Indy trades Craig Grebeck to Richmond for Rafael Belliard and Chris Jones

87.              Santa Barbara trades Greg Vaughn, Mike Devereaux, their 1996 #1 and East Indy 1996 #e to East Indy for JT Snow and their 1996 #2

88.              East Indy trades Santa Barbara 1996 #1, Nelson Liriano, Jody Reed and Zane Smith to Poway for Richmond 1996 #2, Ed Sprague, Luis Gonzalez and Brent Gates

89.              Richmond trades Todd Hundley and Jeff Suppan to Bloomington for Rondell White and Richard Hidalgo

90.              Minnesota trades Steve Dunn and their 1996 #4 to Socal for Steve Pegues and their 1996 #4

91.              Minnesota trades Scott Servais and Jery Dipoto to Richmond for Rheal Cormier and Bill Haselman

92.              Minnesota trades Ben McDonald, Darrin Fletcher, Joe Orsulak and $1,600,000 to Santa Monica for Kenny Rogers and Roger Pavlik

93.              Richmond trades Shawon Dunston and East Indy 1996 #1 to Emerald City for Wil Cordero and their 1996 #2

94.              Richmond trades Richard Hidalgo, Nashville 1996 #3 and $50,000 to Santa Monica for Thomas Howard

95.              Santa Monica trades Poway 1996 #6 to Nome for Archi Cianfrocco

96.              East Indy trades Andy Ashby and $1,500,000 to Santa Monica for Todd Stottlemyre and Tony Tarasco

97.              Long Island trades its 1997 #3 and $4,000,000 to Richmond for Rey Ordonez