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October, 1995

  1. Cook County trades David Segui to Wauwatosa for their 1996 #2, 3 and Kevin Basss
  2. Bloomington trades Ricky Gutierrez to Minnesota for Midre Cummings
  3. Minnesota trades Carlos Garcia and its 1996 #3 to Richmond for Nome 1996 #1 and Nashville 1996 #1
  4. Hessville trades Jerry Browne to Minnesota for $200,000
  5. Richmond trade Ben Grieve and $1,000,000 to Secaucus for Julian Tavarez
  6. Richmond trades Joey Hamilton and Ryan Klesko to Secaucus for William Van Landingham, Jose Canseco, James Mouton, John Jaha and Secaucus 1996 #1
  7. St. Lucie trades Tom Glavine, Jesse Orosco, Darin Erstad and Vladimir Guerrero to Richmond for Hideo Nomo and Julian Tavarez
  8. Santa Barbara trades Domingo Cedeno, East Indy 1996 #2 and $4,000,000 to Richmond for Carlos Garcia
  9. Santa Monica trades Mark McLemore, Mike Perez, Granger and Santa Monica 1997 #1 to Poway for their 1996 #1, Long Island 1996 #3 and Crown Point 1996 #6
  10. Naptown trades $150,000 to East Indy for Rafael Belliard
  11. Charlevoix sends Bill Swift and Jim Abbott to Nashville for Bobby Jones
  12. Box City trades Tom Candiotti and Mariano Duncan to Minnesota for their 1996 #1 and Rheal Cormier

November, 1995

  1. Richmond trades Sterling Hitchcock, John Jaha, Thomas Howard and Jerry Dipoto to East Indy for Shane Reynolds, Tim Worrell, Todd Worrell, Damon Buford, their 1996 #3 and $1,500,000
  2. Richmond trades William Van Landingham, Scott Servais and Damon Buford to Nashville for Devon White, Mike Greenwell, Randy Knorr and Alan Benes
  3. Richmond trades Randy Knorr, East Indy 1996 #2 and $4,000,000 to Santa Monica for Darrin Fletcher
  4. Richmond trades Rickey Henderson, James Mouton, East Indy 1996 #3 and $4,000,000 to Santa Monica for Dante Bichette
  5. Richmond trades Mike Greenwell and Mark Guthrie to Santa Barbara for Mark Leiter
  6. Santa Monica trades Deion Sanders, Howard Johnson and Darnell Coles to Box City for Joe Carter
  7. Santa Monica trades Randy Knorr, Brian Johnson and East Indy 1996 #2, 3 to Arlington for Jim Leyritz
  8. Richmond trades Dante Bichette, Mark Leiter, Darin Estrad and $1,000,000 to Arlinton for Tim Salmon and Greg McMichael
  9. Santa Monica trades Pedro Astacio and Cook County 1996 #5 to Richmond for Secaucus 1996 #1, Richmond 1997 #2 and $1,500,000
  10. Santa Monica trades Cecil Fielder to Hessville for Hal Morris, Hessville 1996 #1 and $1,600,000

December, 1995

  1. Santa Monica trades Rickey Henderson, Walt Weiss, Damian Jackson, their 1996 #2 and Long Island 1996 #1 to Richmond for Devon White, Wil Cordero and $3,500,000
  2. Nome trades John Burkett to Santa Monica for Mark Leiter, Mike Williams and Tim Scott
  3. Richmond trades Alan Benes to Bloomington for Ray Durham
  4. Richmond trades Rondell White, Ray Durham, Craig Grebeck and Crown Point 1996 #5 to Crown Point for Gregg Jefferies, Jason Bates, Chan Ho Park, Armando Benitez, Arthur Rhodes, Crown Point 1997 #1 and $10,000,000
  5. Richmond trades Jamie Navarro and Darrin Fletcher to Socal for Charles Nagy, Charlie O'Brien and $3,500,000
  6. Santa Monica trades Stan Javier to Wauwatosa for their 1996 #1
  7. Santa Monica trades Damian Easley, Motor City 1996 #1, Wauwatosa 1996 #1 and Hessville 1996 #1 to Poway for Chuck Carr, Santa Barbara 1996 #1, PP 1996 #3, 4, SMS 1996 #4 and $7,250,000
  8. Box City trades Darryl Kile to Naptown for their 1996 #1, Tom Urbani, Mike Bielecki and $500,000
  9. Santa Monica acquires Bret Barberie's contract and $500,000 from Santa Barbara
  10. Santa Monica trades James Mouton to Nashville for Roberto Kelly, Rod Beck and $500,000
  11. Santa Monica trades Crown Point 1996 #6 to Nome for Mike Oquist
  12. Santa Monica trades Roberto Kelly, Archi Cianfrocco and JR Phillips to Poway for Hessville 1996 #1, Nelson Liriano and $1,000,000
  13. Charlevoix purchased Jose Hernandez from Nashville for $50,000

January , 1996

  1. Nashville trades Mark Dewey and Scott Radinsky to Santa Monica for pick #152
  2. Nashville trades Jeffrey Hammonds to Charlevoix for pick #101 and $3,000,000
  3. Charlevoix trades Jose Oquendo to Box City for $50,000
  4. Charlevoix trades Steve Decker to Long Island for Jesse Orosco
  5. Charlevoix trades Chris James to Motor City for Glenn Williams
  6. Nome trades David Howard to Santa Monica for Bret Barberie
  7. Santa Monica trades Socal 1996 #6 and $50,000 to East Indy for Bob Tewksbury
  8. Santa Monica trades Bob Tewksbury to Poway for Greg Myers and $2,250,000
  9. Minnesota trades Todd Zeile to Poway for Socal 1996 #1
  10. Cook County trades Donovan Osborne and pick #88 to Motor City for Roger Clemens and pick #159
  11. Santa Monica trades Nelson Liriano and pick #76 to Nashville for Jose Offerman
  12. Santa Monica trades pick #128 to Emerald City for Chuck McElroy and Dave Hansen
  13. Motor City trades John Franco to Nashville for Kevin Jarvis and pick #119
  14. Richmond trades Steve Scarsone and $1,000,000 to Emerald City for John Flaherty
  15. Long Island trades Tom Henke and Xavier Hernandez to Poway for pick #23 and Poway 1997 #5
  16. Richmond trades Charlie O'Brien to Crown Point for Craig Grebeck

February, 1996

  1. Socal trades Bernard Gilkey, Chris Jones and John Wehner to Richmond for Gregg Jefferies, Jason Bates, Stynes, Jack Howell and Luis Ortiz
  2. Naptown trades Carlos Perez, Milt Cuyler and $1,000,000 to Richmond for Rickey Henderson and Art Rhodes
  3. Naptown trades Mike Kingery to Nome for Joe Orsulak and Geronimo Pena
  4. Nome trades John Leiber, Eric Anthony, Roberto Petagine and Mariano Rivera to South Bend for Curt Schilling, Eddie Murray, Scott Radinsky and Joe Grahe
  5. Motor City purchased Mike Pagliarulo from Long Island for $150,000
  6. Long Island traded Craig Shipley to Chicago for their 1997 #6

March, 1996

  1. Canyon County trades Tommy Gregg and Milt Thompson to Bloomington for $200,000
  2. Bloomington trades Jeff Nelson to Long Island for Todd Steverson and Long Island 1998 #1, 2
  3. Bloomington trades Todd Severson and Bloomington 1998 #2 to Long Island for Kevin Stocker
  4. Richmond trades Pedro Astacio and Chan Ho Park to Charlevoix for Chris Snopek, Brad Fullmer and Jeromy Burnitz
  5. Richmond trades Domingo Cedeno to Arlington for John Vanderwal and $600,000
  6. Nome trades Joe Orsulak and Geronimo Pena to Naptown for Mike Kingery
  7. Cook County trades Eddie Guardado and its 1997 #5 to Socal for Mike Fetters, Vince Palacios, Spike Owen and $50,000
  8. Long Island sends Chip Hale to Cook County for $150,000
  9. Cook County trades $174,000 to Naptown for Joe Orsulak
  10. Box City trades Joe Kmack and Damon Berryhill to Long Island for $450,000

April, 1996

  1. Minnesota trades its 1997 #2, 4 to South Bend for David Howard and Archi Cianfrocco
  2. Cook County trades Roger Clemens and Keith Lockhart to Wauwatosa for Jeff Fassero, Scott Cooper, Todd Walker, Dustin Hermanson and Wauwatosa 1997 #1, 2

May, 1996

  1. Charlevoix trades Bill Pulsipner and Sean Bergman to Santa Barbara for Mike Greenwell, Dave Veres and Kevin Tapani
  2. Santa Barbara trades Todd Van Poppel, Scott Brosius, Jose Parra, Rich Aude, Greg Pirkl, Dean Hartgraves and McAndrew to Canyon Country for Kent Merker, Wade Boggs, Bobby Ayala, $2,500,000 and Cook County 1997 #2
  3. Santa Barbara trades Wayne Gomes and Santa Barbara 1997 #3 to Midwest for Tyler Green

June, 1996

  1. Minnesota trades Tom Candiotti to Emerald City for Brian Anderson and their 1997 #2
  2. Richmond trades Walt Weiss, Long Island 1997 #3 and Richmond 1998 #2 to Socal for Jay Bell and Socal 1997 #4
  3. Richmond trades Greg Zaun to Box City for Deion Sanders
  4. Richmond trades Chris Snopek to Charlevoix for Darren Oliver
  5. St. Lucie trades G. Carrara to Box City for $300,000
  6. St. Lucie trades Kevin Gross to Cook County for their 1997 #3 and $500,000
  7. Santa Barbara trades Tavo Alvarez to Minnesota for Steve Sparks
  8. Emerald City sold Wes Chamberlain and Gene Schall to Canyon Country for $450,000
  9. Charlevoix sold Mike Greenwell and Kevin Mass to Canyon Country for $1,000,000
  10. Socal trades Lou Frazier, Ryne Sandberg, Marvin Freeman and Oscar Munoz to Canyon Country for Vince Coleman, Trenidad Hubbard, Mike Mimbs, Bill Risley and $125,000
  11. Richmond trades their 1997 #3 to South Bend for Tom Henke and $3,500,000
  12. Crown Point sells Rudy Seanez to Box City for $250,000

July, 1996

  1. Santa Barbara trades Norberto Martin, Jose Bautista, Joe Boever, Steve Soderstrom and Canyon Country 1997 #2 to Canyon Country for Todd Jones and their 1997 #3
  2. Canyon Country trades Kevin Foster and Dave Silvestri to Nashville for Steve Wojciechowski and Nashville 1997 #3
  3. Santa Barbara trades Mike Moore to Canyon Country for Dion James
  4. Minnesota trades LaTroy Hawkins, Bill Brewer and $100,000 to Crown Point for Brian Williams
  5. Naptown purchases Bob Scanlan from Santa Barbara for $200,000
  6. Cook County trades Pete Harnisch, Tim Pugh and Wauwatosa 1997 #2 to Nashville for Dwight Gooden, Mike Cameron, John Wasdin and Gil Heredia
  7. Santa Barbara trades Danny Darwin to Racine for their 1997 #6
  8. Charlevoix trades Alan Trammell to Nashville for Dave Silvestri
  9. Charlevoix trades David West, Brett Butler and Dave Veres to Nashville for Ernie Young and Bill Swift
  10. Richmond trades Alan Embree to Crown Point for Reggie Jefferson
  11. Box City purchases Rudy Seanez for $250,000 from Crown Point

August, 1996

  1. St. Lucie trades Scott Rolen to Richmond for Vladimir Guerrero
  2. Crown Point trades its 1997 #5 to Minnesota for Scott Helfand and its 1997 #5
  3. Crown Point trades Rusty Meacham to Midwest for Billy Spiers (contracts split between the two teams)
  4. Crown Point trades Jose Valentin, its 1997 Bonus (or #3) and Jason Christiansen to Socal for Kevin Elster, Rikkert Faneyte, Henry Mercedes, its 1997 #2, Bonus and $2,025,000
  5. Charlevoix trades Mark Parent to Nashville for Manny Alexander
  6. Cook County trades Marquis Grissom, Terry Mulholland, John Wasdin, Yamil Benitez and Antone Williamson to Nashville for Brady Anderson and Bip Roberts
  7. Richmond trades Larry Walker and Crown Point 1997 #1 to Socal for Ellis Burks, Jason Kendall, its 1997 #1 and $4,000,000
  8. Richmond trades Jay Bell, Jason Kendall and Carlos Perez to Emerald City for Jeff Juden and Jason Giambi
  9.  Long Island trades John Smoltz to Bloomington for Alan Benes, Chris Widger, Raul Cassanova, Willie Greene, Roger Salkeld and Kerry Wood
  10. Nome trades Mike Lansing, Ismael Valdes and Curt Schilling to east Indy for their 1997 #1, 2, Butsh Huskey, Robert Perez and Doug Johns
  11. Cook County trades Shane Andrews, Derrick Gibson, Albie Lopez, Juan Acevedo and Kevin Gross to Crown Point for Juan Guzman and their 1997 #2
  12. Crown Point trades Juan Acevedo and its 1997 #6 to Socal for Scott Ruffcorn
  13. Wauwatosa trades Roger Clemens to Cook County for Todd Walker and Dustin Hermanson
  14. Charlevoix trades Greg Maddux to Bloomington for Andy Pettitte, Jeff Suppan, Todd Hollandsworth, Bartolo Colon, Mike Drumright and their 1997 #2
  15. Charlevoix trades Geronimo Berroa to Canyon Country for Todd Van Poppel, Edgardo Alfonzo and $1,000,000
  16. Naptown trades Wilson Alvarez and Rickey Henderson to Cook County for their 1997 #1, 2 and $2,000,000
  17. Long Island trades Orel Hershiser to Canyon Country for their 1997 #3 and $3,000,000

September, 1996

  1. Naptown trades Dave Burba and Joe Oliver to Richmond for Darren Oliver and John Flaherty
  2. Richmond trades Tim Worrell and Jeromy Burnitz to Wauwatosa for Mel Rojas, Rick Honeycutt, its 1997 #3 and $2,500,000
  3. Richmond trades Ellis Burks and Charles Nagy to Motor City for Shawn Green, Donovan Osborne and Alex Ochoa
  4. Wauwatosa trades Kevin Ritz, Mike Timlin and Tom Pagnozzi to Minnesota for Charles Johnson and Brian Williams
  5. Bloomington trades Ariel Prieto to Minnesota for Jaret Wright
  6. Cook County trades Aaron Sele to Wauwatosa for Tim Worrell
  7. Box City trades $450,000 to Naptown for Rey Sanchez and Mike Gallego

October, 1996

  1. Motor City trades Brooks Kieschnick, Kevin Jarvis and their 1997 #1 to Box City for Roberto Hernandez and their 1997 #5
  2. Motor City trades Livan Hernandez, Julio Santana and $1,300,000 to Naptown for Trevor Hoffman and their 1997 #4
  3. Santa Barbara trades Joe Girardi (RF) to Charlevoix for Rick Aguilera (RFA), Chris Hammond, Greg Gohr, Bartolo Colon and Cook County 1997 #4
  4. Richmond trades Eric Karros and their 1997 #5 to Motor City for Ben Grieve and Joe Randa
  5. Midwest trades Andy Ashby to Motor City for Jeff D'Amico, their 1997 #2 and $1,000,000