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December, 1997

  1. Naptown trades Jeff Reboulet to Santa Barbara for $100,000
  2. Richmond trades Alex Fernandez and $1,600,000 to Albany for Scott Spiezio and Mike Sirotka
  3. East Indy trades David Cone to St. Lucie for Tim Belcher, Aramis Ramirez, Hideki Irabu and $1,000,000
  4. Channel Island trades Jermaine Dye, Craig Grebeck, Mark Sweeney and Santa Barbara 1998 #2 to ? for Royce Clayton
  5. Channel Island trades Ed Sprague, Gregg Jefferies, Craig Shipley, Raul Ibanez, Kevin Brown (AM) and Wauwatosa 1998 #4 to Florida for Marquis Grissom, Ryne Sandberg and Florida's 1999 #4
  6. Santa Barbara trades Jeff Reboulet and Alex Arias to Milwaukee for Brent Butler
  7. Hanover trades Richard Hidalgo to Richmond for Reggie Jefferson
  8.  Wauwatosa trades Heathcliff Slocumb, their 1998 Bonus Pick, Jason Varitek and $840,000 to Iowa for Jeff Nelson
  9. Channel Island trades Frank Rodriguez, Pete Schourek and Billy Swift to East Indy for Mark Gardner, Dan Plesac, Channel Island 1998 #5 and $700,000
  10. Richmond trades Jimm Pittsley, Steve Avery and Todd Dunwoody to Milwaukee for Esteban Loaiza
  11. Naptown trades Chris Jones to Box City for Paul Byrd
  12. Richmond trades Adrian Beltre, Terrell Wade, Braind Anderson, Chuck Carr and $3,650,000 to Portland for Curt Schilling
  13. Minnesota trades their 1999 #2 to Iowa for Craig Paquette
  14. Richmond trades Chuck Finley to Carolina for Derrick Gibson

January, 1998

  1. Richmond trades Shane Reynolds and Jay Powell to Hanover for CPC 1998 (?) #1 and CC 1998 (?) #5
  2. Richmond trades it's 1999 #1 and $1,000,000 to Naptown for Darren Daulton, Box City 1998 #3 and their 1998 Bonus Pick
  3. Portland trades Mike Stanton to Albany for Brian Lesher and Juan Acevedo
  4. Hanover trades Eric Young, their 1999 #2 and $3,930,000 to Albany for Matt Beech, Rick Aguilera, Tyler Green, Jason Christiansen and Luis Alicea
  5. Florida trades Damon Buford to Ocala for Shawon Dunston
  6. Richmond trades TJ Mathews, $1,500,000, Richmond 1998 Bonus Pick and Portland 1998 Bonus pick to Ocala for Marc Valdes
  7. Channel Islands trades Dante Bichette, Frank Rodriguez, Pep Harris, Jeff Conine (paid) and $2,250,000 to Portland for Andres Galarraga, Bobby Bonilla and their 1998 #4
  8. Channel Island trades Tim Worrell, Mel Nieves and their 1999 #1, 3 to Santa Barbara for Steve Finley and Jose Mesa
  9. Minnesota trades Andy Benes to Cook County for Chris Hold and Channel Island 1999 #1
  10. Cook County trades Orel Hershiser, Roy Halladay, Jay Payton and $5,333,333 to Santa Barbara for Scott Erickson
  11. Hanover trades Aaron Boone and CPC 1998 #2 to Santa Barbara for Mark Lewis and their 1998 #4, 5
  12. St. Lucie trades its 1998 #1 and 1999 #3 to Richmond for Marc Valdes

February, 1998

  1. Bloomington trades Terry Steinbach to East Indy for a conditional 1999 #1, 2 or 3 draft pick
  2. Long Island trades Mike Myers to Milwaukee for $75,000
  3. Long Island sold Clint Sodowsky to Hessville for $80,000
  4. Long Island trades Tim Bogar to Albany for $300,000
  5. Naptown trades Mark Hutton to East Indy for $150,000
  6. Milwaukee trades Todd Dunwoody and their 1999 #4 to Portland for Jose Valentin and Joe Girardi
  7. Bloomington trades Kevin Brown, Pat Hentgen, Mariano Rivera, Bobby Higginson and Benji Gil to Chicago for Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Paul O'Neill, Chad Hermanson and Carlos Lee
  8. Cook County trades Roger Clemens to Bloomington for John Smotlz, Chad Hermanson, Carlos Lee and David Ortiz
  9. Box City trades Jeff Suppan, Javier Vasquez, Joey Cora and $3,000,000 to Ocala for Chuck Knoblauch
  10. Channel Island trades Sean Bergman, Fernando Valenzuela, their 2000 #1, 2, 4 and $421,000 to Santa Barbara for Kent Merker
  11. Cook County trades Freddy Garcia (3B) to East Indy for Mike Jackson and $750,000
  12. Bloomington trades its 1999 #4 to East Indy for their 1998 #5, 6
  13. Santa Barbara trades Todd Zeile, Todd Jones and $2,500,000 to St. Lucie for Jose Guillen, Calvin Maduro, Dan Naulty and their 1999 #1
  14. Santa Barbara trades $200,000 to Albany for Pat Listach, Joe Roa and Andy Stankiewicz
  15. Channel Island trades Chis Peters and Corey Koskie to Portland for Robb Nen and $150,000
  16. Chicago trades Daryl Kile, Scott Rolen, Arthur Rhodes, Chuck Carr, Darren Daulton and $2,200,000 to Mexicali for Brad Radke, Chipper Jones, Julian Tavarez, Marvin Benard, Alex Ochoa and their #2 draft pick

March, 1998

  1. Cook County trades Pete Harnisch and Mel Rojas to Box City for Matt Karchner and Eric Gunderson
  2. Channel Island trades Mike Simms to Mexicali for Mike Benjamin and $50,000
  3. Portland trades Steve Trachsel to Box City for Brad Rigby, Tom Candiotti and $1,000,000

April, 1998

  1. Cook County trades Matt Karchner to St. Croix for John Franco
  2. Portland trades Dante Bichetter and $4,200,000 to Bloomington for Midre Cummings, Bryan Rekar, Gabe Kapler and conditional cash payments in 1999 and 2000 based on Bichette's MLB performance

May, 1998

  1. Portland trades Brady Anderson, Tom Candiotti and it's 1999 #5 to Mexicali for Wil Cordero, Orlando Palmeiro, Ed Vosberg, Jeff Juden and Arqui Pozo
  2. Mexicali trades Jamie Bluma to Florida for Craig Shipley
  3. Wauwatosa trades Eric Anthony (paid) to Minnesota for their 1999 #5

June, 1998

  1. Cook Country trades Ray Lankford, Rondell White and Mike Cameron to Florida for Ken Griffey Jr.  (all contracts paid)
  2. Iowa trades Scott Karl to Wauwatosa for Aaron Sele
  3. Milwaukee trades Izzy Molina and Damion Miller Portland for $250,000
  4. Mexicali trades Greg Keagle to Box City for $125,000
  5. Mexicali trades Jacob Brumfield, $200,000 and its 1999 #5 to Santa Barbara for Greg Zaun

July, 1998

  1. Cook County trades Juan Guzman and Bill Simas to Racine for Garrett Stephenson and John Wetteland (all paid by Cook County)
  2. North Georgia trades Mark Lewis, Greg Norton and $100,000 to Mexicali for Mike Oquist
  3. Box City trades Brooks Kieschnick to Mexicali for their 2000 #5
  4. Wauwatosa trades Willie Adams, Bret Boone, David Sequi and Keith Lockhart to Box City for Chuck Knoblauch and Charlie Hayes (all contracts paid)
  5. Portland trades Francisco Cordova to Channel Island for Robb Nen, Matt Anderson and Rigo Beltran (all contracts paid)
  6. Milwaukee trades Mark McLemore to Neorth Georgia for Bloomington 1999 #1
  7. Channel Island trades Danny Darwin and Kyle Peterson to Portland for David Wells (all contracts paid)

August, 1998

  1. Minnesota trades Tom Martin and $250,000 to Mexicali for Buddy Groom
  2. Box City trades Chris Jones to Mexicali for $115,000

September, 1998

  1. Box City trades Doug Drabek, Carl Pavano and their 1999 #2 to St. Croix for Andy Ashby
  2. Box City trades Ken Hill, John Burkett, Kirt Manwaring, Mark Kotsay and their 1999 #1 to Florida for Ray Lankford, Scott Hatteberg and Shawon Dunston
  3. Minnesota trades Chris Hold to Florida for Ed Sprague
  4. Ocala trades Mike Hampton to Minnesota for their 1999 #1
  5. Minnesota trades Kenny Rogers to Ocala for Gabe Alvarez, Dennis Reyes and their 1999 #2

Ocotober, 1998

  1. Stanley trades Todd Stottlemyre to Ocala for Carlso Castillo, Minnesota 1999 #1 and $400,000
  2. Minnesota trades Jim Mecir, Dave Nilsson and $2,708,750 to Ocala for Jose Silva
  3. Glen Allen trades Glenallen Hill (will this result in a change of the team's city?) to Box City for Paul Sorrento, Keith Lockhart, Mark Sweeney and $193,333
  4. Ocala trades Jose Cruz Jr to Iowas for Edgardo Alfonzo and Minnesota 1999 #3

November, 1998